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June 3, 2003

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Trib Times will, God willing, resume publication soon after the Fourth of July holiday.  Praise God Daniel, five-weeks old today,  is doing great.  A recent picture can be viewed by clicking here.  Our family is very grateful for the prayers and many supportive emails we have received.  God bless you all!


Best wishes and prayers of thanksgiving on behalf of your new baby!

I have this wonderful story and I want to thank God by sharing it with some friends. Seven years ago my oldest daughter had a baby and placed him for adoption. She had a very difficult labor, a doctor who was 'on call' and didn't even look or talk to her about what was happening. She only had me and my husband during the pregnancy and I was with her through her labor and delivery. The hospital told her she could not name her baby, they didn't recommend holding him etc. It was a very emotional day, and she was blessed by one nurse who stood up for her and told the doctor that she had named her baby and to put it on the record. And she did hold her baby, she wanted to say hello before she said good by.That day as I stood by her side I promised her that God would bless her with a good husband, a baby and a new life because of the sacrifices she made that May 6th seven years ago.

Dr. Z, this past May 6th my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!!! She did indeed have her husband and a good doctor and nurse with her!! I have never felt so joyful and grateful before. God thought of everything, little things I didn't even ask for were there for her. He truly cannot be outdone in His generosity!!!

When she first started to feel the labor pains she called me wondering if the baby would be born on May 6th. That date has remained a bittersweet day for us. I didn't know if she would share this with anyone else. But after the birth of her son, she turned to the doctor and told him that on May 6th seven years ago she had had a baby. Well, he was surprised for a moment and then he leaned in and patted her head. He asked me what I thought of this and I could happily say that God does honor life with His love. Well, the doctor and nurse had a story to remember and I was once again beside my daughter and we shared a holy moment. I can no longer get lazy with prayers etc. because I need to thank Him and share that secret of adoption. It is a rich treasure chest and His love is the key I think that when we embraced the mystery of His love we were allowed to see the reality of it.

Thank you for letting me share with you. And stay strong for your new baby and all of us.

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 25- "On the destroyer of the pasions, most sublime humility"

41. Humility is Christ's spiritual doctrine, noetically introduced into the inner chamber of the soul by those who accounted worthy of it. It cannot be defined by perceptible words.

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