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February 28, 1998



Our Blessed Mother said: "My child, please write. It is I, your Mother, who comes to you now.

All of Heaven contemplates the beginning of my Son's Passion this night, and you will be more surely united to me if you walk this way in my company. Allow me to bring you to the foot of the Cross, my daughter. Allow me to show you the depths of my love, as I followed my Jesus from a distance through the streets lined with shouting, jeering people, whose only thoughts were to kill my Jesus. Allow the feelings to penetrate your heart, as you hear these sounds and terrible words.

See what they are DOING to Him, Whom I love. See how they push and taunt Him.

I long to run to Him and shield His bruised body with my own. A mother would always try to do this for her child, but I must stay away and allow all of Scripture to be fulfilled. My Son, the Lamb, must be slain for the very people who are screaming for His death. They are intent on destroying the One Who has loved and served them, taught them and healed them, eaten with them and visited in their homes; Who only wished to bring the knowledge of My Father and His great love for them.

Can you bear to WATCH this scene, child? Can you bear to see His Sacred Blood poured out on the filthy streets, to mingle with the dust and dirt of the crazed people yelling for my beloved Son's death?

I was all alone when I met my Son in the street on His way. I approached Him slowly, and with great trembling, for my own sorrow was so great, but I knew it would be the last time before His death, so I hurried to Him to touch and caress His face. He was nearly dead then.

When we looked into each other's eyes, the greatest Love passed between Us, and a new strength, a new sense of purpose seemed to pervade His being. I knew He would survive all the cruelties and impossible pain in order to fulfill the Father's Will for Him. As much as He loved and longed to comfort me, it was His Father's Will which gave Him the strength and courage to continue on His way.

The love of my Son for His Heavenly Father is more than anyone could EVER comprehend, my child. Please know that it was this Love which gave life and breath to every single thing He did while on earth. It allowed Him to be single-minded in the face of a truly impossible human situation.

I knew of the longing of my Son to fulfill every word that had been written about Him, and so I too bowed before the Will of Our Almighty Father God, Who, in His plan of salvation of His people, emptied Himself of His precious Son in order to redeem mankind. Dwell on this thought, my daughter, and allow it to fill your heart with love and gratitude.

My Son did not suffer alone. The Father and their Most Holy Spirit suffered each pain, each humiliation with Him, although humanly, He had been abandoned to the lust and greed of a crowd, a mob gone mad with the taste of blood. Love for my Son allowed me to find the courage, the strength to follow Him to the foot of the Cross.

It was a night that had begun earlier than I could remember. Perhaps for days we had not slept, in preparation and prayer for this solemn event. There were no tears left in me, only a living-out, now, of the things foretold for my Beloved Child since the fall of Adam.

It was now time to behold His Crucifixion, and it was only through the grace and the help of angels that I was able to behold this horrifying scene.

Imagine one of your OWN children nailed to a cross. The blood which was left in His Body spurted afresh, as the nails pierced Him, and my heart broke completely with each sound of the hammer. I do not know what allowed me to stand in that place, yet I could not BEAR to leave Him alone with that hatred.

You can NEVER imagine such a scene, my daughter, and I will NEVER forget it. Until the day I left this earth, it was before my eyes at all times.

Even though I knew He had risen and was now in Heaven with His Father and the saints and angels, standing at His right hand pleading for the world, it was with sorrow that I continued that terrible scene of His agony.

My heart was always filled with great longing to be reunited with my Son, and this was a longing which gave me an energy and love to serve His friends, who also missed Him so, and spoke of nothing other than His words, and recounted stories of His time on earth with them.

Each day, new miracles would be recorded, as an awareness grew within them of all my Jesus had done for them. I was able to be comforted by the recounting of all these times in my Jesus' life with His beloved ones. It brought me comfort to hear the love and gratitude in their voices, and for a brief time, He would live for each of us again. We lived for the day that each of us would be called to Heaven to be with Him, all the while learning together from His words that were remembered.

This was the way our days passed, child, in love and longing; never quite recovering from the horror of those dreadful days when my Son, the Lamb, was crucified.

Join me now, my child, as we walk the streets behind Him and watch Him suffer and die. I love you, child, and thank you for wishing to accompany me on this awful journey.

It begins........"

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

February 27, 1998

Pope calls for spiritual battle during Lent

VATICAN (CWN) -- In his public audience on Ash Wednesday, Pope John Paul II said that the season of Lent is a time for man to free himself from "the false promises of earthly happiness" and to grow in Christian charity.

The Holy Father's weekly catechesis centered on the spiritual struggle that should characterize the observance of Lent. The season, he said, should help Christians to recall "our condition as creature and our total dependence on God." He recommended more intense prayer, penance, and acts of charity as the means to reinvigorate the spiritual life.

The individual Christian cannot win his own spiritual battles, the Pope warned; such victories can come only through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, to whom this year of preparation for the Jubilee has been dedicated.


February 26, 1998

Scientists, Web watchers poised for eclipse '98

(CNN) -- On Thursday, if the weather is clear, skywatchers will have a chance to see the last total solar eclipse visible from the Western Hemisphere this millennium.

While the total eclipse will be visible only in a narrow strip of the tropics, a partial eclipse will be visible across much of North and South America.



Jesus said: "My dear children, after the eclipse of the sun, you will see a whirlwind of events that man is calling down on himself. The wider these events become, the broader the scope of these events will be.

Pray much, My people, for these events could trigger the declaration of the Anti-Christ. When the spirits of darkness come on the earth, there will be a tremendous battle leading up to that at Armageddon, in Israel. THIS will be the final, and ‘mother of all battles,' for this will be a conflict of ALL the good against ALL that is evil."

FLASH message via Pat Mundorf February 24, 1998

(The Blessed Virgin Mary suddenly appeared with St. Michael the Warrior Archangel at her side.)

Mary said: "My Children, GO, NOW on bended knee and prepare yourselves for what is coming!

Know Jesus loves you very much, and he lives in you.

Prepare for your comings!


I leave you in peace and Love."

(Just after Our Lady departed, we experienced a horrible deluge of rain and hail, accompanied by repeated and ominous thundering. -P.M.)

Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

February 25, 1998

A Word From The Lord Of Glory

My Child,

Tell My People that there is little time left. They must now prepare themselves for The Gathering Of My People. There are many who do not believe this, and there will always be ones that entertain doubt and unbelief, but you must tell them what I Am saying with much urgency.

The close of My Final Chapter of this present life is even now at your door. Nevermore in such an hour does My Word come to life as it does at this very minute. Wars and rumors of wars, men's hearts failing them for the fear of things that now come upon the earth. But men being lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God and a rampant lukewarmness have overtaken my creation, and I declare unto you this day that even I have a limit for the longsuffering and the patience that I have shown unto the nations, and now shall I judge the guilty.

You must prepare, you must sound the trumpet of warning, you must tell the people to get into the ark of safety while there is still time to enter in.

So as it was in The Days Of Noah, so shall it be in The Coming Of The Son Of Man.

Prepare yourselves for your exodus, for The King is about to stand from His Throne and call before Him, His People; The People Who were purchased by The Shedding Of His Own Blood.

I call upon you this day to forsake the sins that so easily beset you and to conform yourselves unto Him Who has called you out of darkness and into His Marvelous Light.

Even now in this very hour does My Angel stand with his lips to the trumpet, and soon shall you hear the clear sound of that trumpet, as I call unto Myself, My Own Bride, where we might be united in Holy Matrimony Forever and Ever; to live forever in a bond of unity and love that was prepared and ordained before time itself.

I love you My People, and I speak unto this day to prepare and make yourselves ready for The Appearing Of Your Great God And King in The Clouds Of Heaven.

Source: David & Winona Heischman <[email protected]>

February 24, 1998

Answered Prayer or a False Peace?

Clinton accepts accord, with warning to Iraq to keep promises

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton gave cautious approval Monday to a U.N. agreement with Saddam Hussein for monitoring suspect weapons sites in Iraq, stepping back from the immediate threat of a U.S. military attack. Clinton said he would keep a potent force in the Persian Gulf.

The president said that if Iraq reneged on a commitment to make possible chemical and biological weapons sites subject to inspection, the consequences would be ``very very serious.''

``What really matters ... is not what Iraq says but what it does,'' the president said in the White House Oval Office.


February 23, 1998

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secrets to His servants, the prophets." {Amos 3:7}

Word of the Lord to Sadie Jaramillo

For those of you who have not heard, Sadie Jaramillo of California got her last public message from Our Lady & Jesus on 10 February 1998. I would like to quote 2 paragraphs from this last message:

(1) "JESUS - The days immediately before you bring all that has been revealed! Do not cease your prayers! Though your efforts are imperfect, I AM PERFECT, and your will fused to Mine make all that you do for your love great! Yes, I AM YOUR LOVE THAT YOU GIVE, THAT YOU SPEAK, THAT YOU DESIRE ALL TO KNOW!"

(2) "Also from JESUS - I ask you not to fear.  Be expectant, for the Light of My Love is upon you. You have been told it is upon you, this night of bright light announcing to you the Coming of My Mercy! (The Warning)."

In Sadie's last message prior to 10 February she commented on how she "felt" her messages would end soon because she "felt" that Our Lady and Jesus had told her everything that could be told.

Word of the Lord to Dorthea Montague

My little children. I desire that you go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

Think of your families and friends and neighbors who have not allowed Me to come into their hearts.

They face a Christless eternity if they do not come into My kingdom and time is of an essence.

The Antichrist is on the threshhold and My people will be targeted for destruction. I am moving by My Spirit across your land and around the world and you shall see a mighty manifestation of My power and My glory. This move cannot be affected by any of the cohorts of Antichrist or powers of satan and it shall bring multitudes on their knees before Me, crying out for Me to come into their hearts.

Even though you are seeing disaster ahead for your country know that you need not fear for I am with you and My power cannot be touched by the power of the enemy. For those in whom I make My abode, this shall be a glorious time and you, My people, shall follow Me across the world, bringing in the harvest, oblivious to any of the works of the enemy.

Source: [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

February 22, 1998

Excerpt from Message to Servant Son on Feb.21,1998

Children you do well when you pray to bring also your hearts to Me locked about Me locked about My Heart. My children you have available the resources to know all you need to assure a Godly and spiritual conduct in you entire lives. You must begin to use and rely upon this resource especially in these times. My children I am the Source of All Truth. You live now in a time when the agents of your adversary begin to conceal and confuse you removing from you the ease of discerning truth. My children the current times begin the time when the adversary will ruthlessly lie to you for every reason which promotes his ends of hate, destruction, and despair. I caution you today to carefully question all you are given through the social means of communication you have become so reliant upon. These media have lost the ability to perceive and to report truth. My children you have allowed yourself to become the victims of pro da and misfact for your failure to develop the innate eye of truth and perception I give to each of you. I give you this sight so you may know Me. When you use this faculty not only do you know Me you know and you perceive truth. My children I ask you to begin to know Me so you may guard yourselves against the pro da and lies which the evil of all evils now wishes to use for the culmination of the era of his unfettered influence in the world.

Do not fear My children. Those of you who love Me and know Me are safe for I guard you by your love of Me and your knowledge of Me. I end. I ask you to pray deeply now to know the nature of the path I wish you to take. I wish you to bring before Me in prayer the question of the necessity of the war like threats your nation now makes against the poor and the victimized of Babylon and it's environs. My children by misstatement the evil one wishes to drag you into a conflict whose beginnings may seem simple to you but whose end shall not come until the destruction of the areas of Megiddo will become reality. (emphasis added)

Stay attentive to Me. Stay quiet in love and admiration of Me. I will give you peace My way which is the way of The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit. Good day My son. Good day My children. I am your Jesus of The Sacred Heart who loves and wishes to guard you always.".


February 21, 1998

FLASH MESSAGE via Carol Ameche Feb. 19, 1998

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Jesus said: "Listen closely now, daughter, for My words are MOST important this day:

World events are poised for a CRIMINAL level of aggression by your country. It is no longer the greatest country in the world, and will soon become the greatest aggressor! There is no honor in the activity about to be perpetrated in the name of ‘justice.' There is no ‘justice' in the monstrous plot by world leaders to decimate the world's numbers and push ahead the agenda of the One-World order.

Remain in prayer for PEACE, My children. Remain serious and focused on the events developing at this moment throughout the world. Be aware of the treachery behind the actions of those who work, in secret, to destroy, all the while presenting justification to the world for reprehensible decisions. The time for frivolity and parties, distractions and self-glorification, gratification and laziness is OVER!

People of the world, I, your Lord and Savior, call out to you:

In the Name of My Father and of Our Spirit and of Myself, I implore you to IMPLORE The Father of All to act SWIFTLY now, to bring His OWN Justice to bear on all who seek to destroy His world.

You will know stunning DEFEAT at His Hands, World!

You will see the Son of Man in the sky, pouring out graces on all who will accept them....

You will know the might of the One Who created you....

You will weep one day in HORROR over the results of your pact with evil!

Be on guard, My people. The prophecies uttered to so many, and by so many of Our dear faithful ones, have BEGUN!

No LONGER will you wait in comfort, but on your knees in pleading for PEACE.

The beauty of the world will soon disappear and be replaced by a most difficult and painful oppression.

Stay close to Us now, Who love you and have promised to protect you. We have great need of your dear hearts to minister lovingly to all who will wander in confusion. Bring them back to Me and explain My Father's Plan to bring back to His fold all who will allow themselves to be 'captured' and led.

The Divine Shepherd will lead you into the Heart of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity of God, Who is ONE.

Repent! REPENT, all who will listen, and return this very day, in humble surrender, to all you were created to become and to be.

A LAST CALL, dear people of every nation, from your God:

Listen and ACT, My precious ones. I love you. I await your return. I beg you to hear and respond!

In the Trinity, I am your Jesus of Mercy."

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

February 20, 1998

At least 16 countries offer U.S. support on Iraq



February 12, 1998

Jesus said: "My daughter, please take My words:

I am your sweet Jesus, come to fill you with strength and courage for your long journey.

The dawn brings news of great terror and misery from the East. (I felt this was the Middle East to which He referred) The enemies of God and man have begun a full-scale approach to WAR.

There will be incredible bloodshed soon, blood of innocent women and children, as always happens during periods of aggression between nations. There is great sadness in Heaven over all that must now occur in your world. You must all continue to pray for peace and be ready for any event in your country.

The choices of evil men have cast the lot for the rest of humanity. Only the gifts and great acts of My Father will save the world from TOTAL annihilation.

Persevere and remain busy, but calm, as you await My call."

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

February 19, 1998

Palestinian backlash could prove greater threat than Iraq attack

JERUSALEM (AP) - The scenario goes like this: The United States launches an air strike against Iraq, and a vengeful Saddam Hussein lashes out at Israel, perhaps even with chemical or biological weapons.

But the greatest danger to Israel arising from any U.S. action against Iraq might instead be a violent backlash from Palestinians - particularly the militant Islamic group Hamas.


Annan admits Iraq trip could be last chance for peace

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, indicating that his weekend talks in Iraq were a last chance for peace, said on Wednesday he had a "reasonable chance" of averting a U.S.-led military attack in the impasse over U.N. weapons inspections.


February 18, 1998

Vatican diplomats work desperately to stop war

VATICAN (CWN) -- Vatican diplomats are working "intensely" to forestall the possibility of a military strike against Iraq, according to Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

Cardinal Sodano told the Italian daily La Repubblica that all of the diplomatic resources of the Holy See have been brought to bear on the crisis, and that the Vatican is "in constant contact" with the ambassadors of the United States and Iraq, as well as their respective governments, and with the leadership of the United Nations.

Yesterday the Vatican took the highly unusual step of announcing that Archbishop Renato Martino, the permanent observer for the Holy See at the United Nations, had visited Secretary General Kofi Annan, to deliver a personal message from Pope John Paul II asking the UN leader to visit Baghdad to help negotiate a peaceful solution. Ordinarily the Vatican does not make such diplomatic efforts public.(emphasis added)

Cardinal Sodano said that Church leaders would continue to make their pleas to all countries involved, insisting on "our opposition to armed military intervention-- because it will not resolve the issues in this crisis, will risk escalating the conflict, and will aggravate the already difficult conditions of life for the people of Iraq."

Archbishop Martino, in a separate interview published today in the Italian daily Il Giornale, pointed out that "many countries are opposed to military intervention." For that reason, he said, the possibility of a diplomatic solution is greater than it was prior to the Persian Gulf War of 1991. "Even if the outlook is not encouraging, I am still going to take the chance to be an optimist," he said.

In Baghdad, the Chaldean-rite Catholic Patriarch Raphael Bidawid echoed that optimism, telling the Italian newspaper Avvenire, "I think there is still hope, and that a peaceful solution is still possible." The Eastern Catholic leader said that after the disaster of 1991, Saddam Hussein was unlikely to go to war again. He also lamented that "since 1991, 1 million children have died because of the embargo" on Iraq.


February 17, 1998

(Prophecy, #144); Preparation:

For thus saith the Lord, there is a rejoicing, now, in the Spirit, says the Lord. For My people are beginning to prepare themselves, to prepare themselves for what I am saying is to come. No, not all are doing so, but some are. More and more are. People are witnessing and telling others there is coming a time of hardship, there is coming a time when things will not be right on the earth the way we have known them in the past.

And as they begin to do this, and as they begin to tell more and more shall prepare and heed the Spirit of God. And I shall prepare them, not only physically, but spiritually, for what is to come.

For there is a great spiritual war to take place. For satan shall fight like never before against My people, and My people shall learn to be victorious against all things of the evil one, says the Lord.

Source: "Thomas S. Gibson" <[email protected]>
The Prophetic Word Web Site:

February 16, 1998

"We Are Stirring up a World War"

On Monday night 2/9/98, Paul Cain, who is a well respected Prophet of the Lord came on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) with a heavy burden upon his heart. He said that the burden was so heavy that it had even been affecting his body physically. He said it is of utmost importance that Christians would get down on their knees and pray and intercede for the President and for the situation with Iraq.

I took notes from this broadcast and I will share briefly with you what was said: "Christians are failing to see the bigger picture. Don't get drawn into the media hype. Get the mind of God. We need to push away the pro da and ask ourselves What is God up to"?

"Every avenue diplomatically should be used in dealing with Iraq. Not all diplomatic avenues have been used. Are we (America) engendering strife? We are stirring up a world war."

"Regarding the President, put the stones down! We have a president and a world in crisis. We need to get the mind of God here.

"The burden that the Lord has laid on me is that we are heading for another World War. There are many thousands of lives at stake here. Not just of our own soliders but of many, many thousands in Iraq. We must pray to avert World War! We are short of time, we must redeem the time."

This is the Word of the Lord for this time. Pray on your knees before him.

Pray for diplomacy to be used to avert another World War. Pray that the accusing spirit set against the President be brought down and that Clinton would lead this nation to it's knees in repentance. We must rise above the "Vulture Culture". As the Moses interceded for the children of Israel before the Lord, let us intercede for nations and for a President!

Source: [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

February 15, 1998

China urges U.S. to avoid 'bloody conflict'

BEIJING (CNN) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen told a special U.S. envoy Saturday that Beijing was still firmly opposed to military strikes against Baghdad, while Iraqi officials studying a Russian proposal said they remained flexible in trying to resolve the weapons-inspections standoff without bloodshed.



Now, to teach you more of the things to come:

I ask you to pray for your country. If you bring war on another nation, many innocent people will die from the bacteria that will spread rapidly. Many diseases that have been controlled, will make a return in MONSTROUS proportions.

My children, pray that your countries can handle their pride and anger.

Pray for a PEACEFUL ending."

Source: PHOENIX <[email protected]>


He said: " Child, tell My People that the war of which I spoke of in The Mid East is about to be unleashed, and there will be much devastation, and then will the war reach full circle. For when you see this perilous time arrive upon the cities of your own country, then shall you see Me coming in My Glory to take My People from The Earth."

" Do not think that there is time for folly and disbelief My People, for what I say is about to take place before your own eyes." "This is a time for much prayer; this is a time to seek My Face as you have never sought it before."

Source: David & Winona Heischman <[email protected]>

February 14, 1998

Clinton: Russian objections won't deter U.S. on Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Russia's objections to a military strike against Iraq won't stop the United States from proceeding with military action, if Saddam Hussein doesn't cooperate with the United Nations, President Clinton said Friday.



Jesus said: "My people, you are sitting on the edge of a MAJOR WAR about to explode with DEVASTATING results. I am showing you many weapons which Saddam has hidden away in the hills. If these and other weapons are brought into the battle, many people would be at risk from these weapons of mass destruction.

By your worship of science, in making deadlier weapons over time, you have created all of the means for a WORLD war that could threaten ALL LIFE ON EARTH.

You have abused all of the things of the earth to make yourselves comfortable, but with evil intents in destroying your enemies.

You see the hand of the Evil One in stirring up this war, since he wants man to destroy himself.

PRAY, My children, for if these weapons are unleashed, your very lives will be threatened ALL OVER THE EARTH.

Your destructive intentions will be neutralized when I will intervene in your events. Before you destroy yourselves, I will INACTIVATE ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS.

My chastisements will bring Satan and his plans to an end as My Triumph will conquer him before he can carry out his destruction of man."

Official John Leary Website:
Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

February 13, 1998

From Pentecostal Preachers to Catholic Visionaries-- One Spirit,
One Voice
, One Message

Strong word from the Lord, reported by a person in attendance...

On January 31, 1998 there was an especially powerful presence and move of the Holy Spirit at the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Florida, home of the "Pensacola Revival." There was a strong worship, and a wave of repentance and intercession, even wailing for the lost. At one point. evangelist Steve Hill spoke:

"Over the past few days there has been a restlessness in my spirit. I feel very unsettled. I feel like the ground underneath me is shifting. I feel as if someting is about to change. When the earth begins to shift, when I hear roots being pulled up out of the ground, when I feel the wind on my face blowing in a new direction, I like that. Over the last several days, something has been stirring. There is something on the horizon... something big. I can't touch it yet. I can't gaze upon it with my eyes, but I can feel it. It's there and it's moving closer...."

Then Steve began to prophecy. The following was transcribed from a tape:

"The Lord would say to everyone in this place: 'Live unsettled. Don't sink too deep into the soil of this earth. Keep your head up and your feet moving. Stay alert! Be sober! I'm coming! The day of my return is at hand. Loose yourself of any ties that bind! If you don't loose yourself, I'll help loose you. Prepare the way in your own heart and then help prepare the way in others. I want no obstacles! I will have no obstructions! I will return for a pilgrim people! ... Let the people know that the Day is approaching! Warn them! Don't wine and dine them. Tell them clearly! Don't mince words. My Word, My water is pure. Don't taint it. Make it clear! Let my people know it's about to happen. What is about to happen will change world history! Nothing will remain the same. Let the unbelievers, the skeptics and the religious ones know what they fear the most is about to happen. Every fear known to man will be swallowed by the terror of the Day ahead. Fear will overcome fear. Dread will overcome dread. The violent will be overcome by more violent. My final work is at hand. My Spirit's wooing is about to cease. No one will grieve me anymore. No one will resist me anymore. Their days are over. Let them know that my warm season of grace and mercy will soon turn to a chilling winter of judgment and wrath. The warm days of my wooing will be exchanged for the fiery days of my vengeance. My pleading for the souls of men, the passionate cry of the faithful harvesters, the unselfish service of My holy servants, all their labor, all their charity, all their pain, and all the suffering will be over. I have heard the groans of nature. I've heard the midnight cries. My Church has been begging for my return. My bride has been longing to be with me. The plan of the ages has almost reached fruition. The tree has born forth its fruit, the fertile soil has yielded the harvest, the planting will stop, the laborers will leave, the sickle will rust. It is almost over. I'm coming back! I will not delay my coming to you, so do not delay your coming to me."

Steve went on to say: "If you knew what we knew about the rumblings out there. There's a rumbling across the world right now. We get the calls, we get the e-mail, we get the faxes of what's happening out there. It's at the infancy stage. It's at the very beginning. God is doing something right now that is going to culminate in His Second coming. He's getting the bride ready..."

(Observation: To my knowledge, this church has not previously said much about the Lord's return. Their emphasis has almost totally been on repentance and salvation. This makes the above words out of the ordinary and even more noteworthy. It is also compatible with messages we have been receiving from unrelated sources. jb.)

Source: [email protected] (Jim Bramlett)

February 12, 1998

Editor's note:  Please join me in praying for David's prompt recovery from
the surgery that he is to undergo today!

A Word from the Lord via David Heischman

Today, The Lord told me some things today and I wanted to share them,
knowing full well that I will be attacked over what He has said to me.
The Scriptures tell us that no man knows the literal day and the literal
hour of when The Lord will return for us, and that is what The Greek
says. The LITERAL day and the hour, but The Lord spoke these things:

" Just as the 120 were gathered before Me in one mind and one accord
on The Day Of Pentecost and My Spirit came to them as a sound of a
rushing mighty wind, so shall I come for those that look for My
Appearing in May, and they shall be resurrected from The Earth."

" This is The Year of Jubilee, and just as My Ancient People Israel
forgave the debt of those in that time, shall I show to My Ancient
People in this same hour that their sin debt was forgiven by Me, and
I shall remove blinders from many blinded eyes, and these same shall
know in My Ancient Nation that I AM THEIR MESSIAH. "

" Declare what I have spoken and take it to heart My Child, but know
also that you shall be ridiculed and rejected by the things that you
will speak. " " Know also this, that there will be My Remnant that will
here My Words, and they will know that it is I that speak, and these
same shall receive My Total Peace and be comforted. "

" My Judgement is even at the door, therefore, let The Redeemed of My
Father stand tall and pronounce boldly their convictions. For Have I not
said, If they deny Me, will I deny them before My Father? "

" Tell what I have said unto The People, and those that have ears will
hear what I have said, saith The Lord unto His People. "

Received by His Servant David Heischman, this 7th day of February, 1998.

Source: David & Winona Heischman <[email protected]>

February 11, 1998

The Titanic: A Message from God

A friend shared an awesome thought today: God is sending the world a last warning message through the Hollywood smash-hit movie, "Titanic."

"Titanic" is a long-running, top box office hit, one of the greatest of all time. People are going to see it in droves. It is setting records in popularity. The movie's timing seems astonishing. It is not coincidence.

Titanic's message: The great ship represents the very best the world has to offer -- opulance, extravagance, parties, food, strong drink, song, and perceived total safety and security. It was unsinkable, and impregnable. The ultimate in human endeavor. The zenith of man's genius. The people were on a giant materialistic and indulgent binge, with no thought of the imminent danger, destruction and death just ahead. Just fun, fun, fun. Eat, drink and be merry.

KABLOOM! The end came suddenly. Few escaped. Most went to their deaths. The unsinkable sunk. The unthinkable happened.

I believe God's message in this current movie is that the Titanic represents America and the world. The stock market is at an all-time high. Unemployment is low. "The times are good," our President assures us. The Asian financial crisis is passed off as only a blip. The public thinks a few air strikes (that they can safely watch on CNN while eating potato chips) will subdue Saddam Hussein, the modern king of Babylon. The people are so happy that they even believe character in top leadership doesn't matter. There is little thought of eternal values and the judgment to come. In fact, those are just old fashioned ideas anyhow. Things are good!

But the iceberg looms just ahead. The destruction is coming. It may only be days or weeks.

A radio movie critic said that "Titanic" is a sermon from start to finish. God means it that way. It is a message to the world. A prophetic word does not have to come from a pulpit. In fact, you won't find them in most pulpits. But God speaks any way He wants, and if His servants will not speak His warnings, He will find a way. This time, it is a secular movie.

My friend said the Lord led him to Isaiah 30: "Therefore, this is what the Holy One of Israel says: 'Because you have rejected this message .... and depended on deceit, this sin will become for you like a high wall, cracked and bulging, that collapses suddenly, in an instant. It will break in pieces like pottery, shattered so mercilessly that among its pieces not a fragment will be found for taking coals from a hearth or scooping water out of a cistern'" (12-14, NIV)

Source: [email protected] (Jim Bramlett)

February 10, 1998

Our Lady of the Americas- Feb.7, 1998

My dear Children,

I am with you during these days when God's presence in
the world is seen and felt more powerfully than ever. I
bring you the "good news" -- that God's Holy Spirit has
forcefully come down upon and throughout the earth so that
the salvation of all who would want to return to God may

The world is experiencing a forceful presence of God
and only the spiritually blind or dead cannot feel it. Even
so, many who were spiritually dead have returned to life, to
God, as they experience God's mighty force upon earth.

As God moves to awaken His spiritually dead children,
they awaken and return to the joy and peace that comes only
from God. As the earth and waters move, to awaken God's
children who had forgotten Him, so now must My mighty force,
the children I have prepared, must move to bring the
knowledge of God's love upon those who awaken, and like
infants are in need of care and nutrition. I have put a
mighty force together, exactly for these times. Now, you My
beloved children, need to be ready to meet the call, the
need to take God's love to those who do not know it.

Put on your armor, My warriors, for this will be a
mighty year of work and labor as I send you into the world
to spread God's love. It is through your love that others
will be nurtured and grow. These are the times for which I
have been preparing you. The mighty and Holy Spirit of God
is at work and He will work through you. If you have been
tired and retreated it is time to pick up the necessary
strength, for these are the days that God is preparing so
that the harvest may be plentiful, smooth, and easy. God's
Holy Spirit is here to give strength to anyone who asks. I
strongly request that those of you, My beloved, who have
heard My call, be ready to meet the challenge. You, My
faithful, can see and feel God's mighty presence in the
world. God moves the earth and the waters to awaken all
those who sleep in their lives of complacency and apathy.

As these souls feel God's presence they will become
ready for those whom I have prepared. Those who are My
soldiers prepare for the great work at hand. Guard your
souls and your work with abundant prayers, for I remind you
that prayer is the foundation of all God's work.

Remember that I will be with you at all times. Count
on me and My love for you. I thank you for listening to My

Message given in the home of: Estela & Reyes Maria Ruiz

Source: [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

February 9, 1998


A story published this weekend in the local Haifa weekly Kolbo saying that Karol Wojtyla, then a Pope-to-be, saved a Haifa resident during World War II made waves in Italy over the weekend. The incident was reported extensively in the Il Corriere della Sera newspaper and the Italian media have been in a frenzy awaiting a reaction from the Pope.

Edith Zirer, 67, of Haifa's French Carmel neighborhood, told Kolbo that 53 years ago she reached the train station near Krakow in Poland in a state of exhaustion after the Russians liberated her labor camp. "Suddenly a young priest came over to me, out of all the other people who were at the station. He asked me 'Why are you sitting here?' I didn't have the strength to answer. He brought me a hot cup of tea and afterward a cheese sandwich that I couldn't swallow because of my poor physical condition. He picked me up because I couldn't stand up and carried me for three kilometers, in terrible cold and darkness to the next station where a train would take us to another destination. He told me about his parents who had died and his aunt. I didn't know then that I had lost my parents and my sister and was all alone in the world," Zirer said.

Zirer's sister was sent to Auschwitz and her parents were murdered. Edith worked in a German labor camp that produced arms from 1942 to 1945 and after liberation she was saved by the young priest who later became the Pope. When they reached the train station, the priest wrapped her in his robe.

Zirer ended up in Czechoslovakia, where she received medical treatment before emigrating to Israel in 1951. She continued to follow the fortunes of the priest who had saved her life. Zirer wrote a few letters to the Pope but received no response until a few months ago, when she received a response to a letter in Polish that she had sent to his office. The Pope's secretary thanked her for her kind letter but did not confirm Zirer's rescue story.

Zirer wants to meet the Pope and thank him personally. "I owe thanks to the dear man, the young priest who became Pope, he is the man who saved my life," she said.


February 8, 1998

Pope: Still Room for Iraq Diplomacy

``With strong apprehension I'm following the developments of the Iraqi situation and I continue to pray so that the leaders of the nations turn to diplomatic means and dialogue to avoid every kind of arms use,'' the pope said during his traditional Sunday appearance to tourists in St. Peter's Square.



Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you how a little war, once started, can ignite into a larger war. Why are your leaders threatening war, even in the face of other leaders of opposition suggesting a WORLD war could result?

Look into WHY your leaders are demanding air strikes, even when they ADMIT it would not solve the problem. Listen to My earlier advice and DO NOT START SOMETHING THAT YOU CANNOT FINISH.

Your interests in a foreign land on ‘suspicions,' do NOT warrant such a gamble on starting a WORLD WAR.


It is NO time to be testing your new weapons and satisfying your pride at the expense of many innocent lives. STOP this reckless charge to kill, as well as your reckless killing of the unborn!"

Official John Leary Website:
Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

Excerpt from Conyers anniversary message October 13, 1997:

"Please, children, you must not offend God any longer. I come with a serious warning. A great war will come upon this world, greater than man has ever known".

Urgent Prayer Request!

Subject: Urgent Prayers Needed for Husband!!!

Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 10:02:03, -0500

From: [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

My husband had a massive heart attack during the night and is in critical condition.Please pray for him and my family. They had to admit him because of laws saying so.We have no medical insurance . My husband has been without a permanent job for almost 6 years now.

Sorry for not getting mail out to all.May lose some mail because right now there is over 230 e-mail in my e-mail box since last night.


Editor's note:  Many have been blessed by Joyce's diligent work in spreading the Good News. Please join me in storming heaven with prayers on behalf of her husband and their family!

February 7, 1998

Japan asks U.S. to avoid attack on Iraq during Olympics

TOKYO (AP) - President Clinton, answering Japan's appeal that the United States not spoil the Olympics with an attack on Iraq, told Japan he could not rule out any option in the crisis, the Foreign Ministry said today.

Japan has been pressing the United States to follow a nonbinding resolution the U.N. passed in November urging all countries to avoid taking up arms during the Olympics, which opened today in Nagano.

Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi asked Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Friday to show restraint and pledged Japan's support for diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute with Iraq over U.N. weapons inspections.


February 6, 1998

Diplomacy enters another day as opposition mounts to attack

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - With the American military presence growing in the Gulf, the Iraqi government today sought to prepare a people suffering under U.N. sanctions and worried about an attack for the possibility of another fight with the United States.

Envoys from Russia and the Palestinian authority, meanwhile, remained in Baghdad another day to press Iraq to compromise on U.N. demands to inspect so-called sensitive sites, including President Saddam Hussein's palaces, to avert a military strike.


February 5, 1998

China tells U.S. it won't back force against Iraq

BEIJING (AP) -- China told the United States today it will not support a military strike against Iraq to resolve the crisis over U.N. weapons inspections.

Foreign Minister Qian Qichen, speaking on state-run television, said he conveyed the government's decision in a telephone conversation with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

``China is extremely and definitely opposed to the use of military force because its use will result in a tremendous amount of human casualties and create more turmoil in the region and even could cause new conflicts,'' Qian said.


February 4, 1998

Yeltsin says Clinton may provoke world war over Iraq

MOSCOW (AP) - President Boris Yeltsin warned President Clinton today that he may provoke a world war if the Americans use force against Iraq.

``By his actions, Clinton might run into a world war. He is acting too loudly,'' the Interfax news agency quoted Yeltsin as saying in the Kremlin.

``One must be accurate with such weapons, and not threaten to shower them with airplanes and bombs,'' Yeltsin said in a reference to Iraq.

Yeltsin spoke at a meeting with First Deputy premier Anatoly Chubais. It was Russia's most critical statement so far concerning the possibility of a U.S. strike against Iraq.


February 3, 1998

Prayers For Peace

If you are following the news - it sounds as if we’re being prepared for a war in the Middle East. I hope that you will join me in prayers for peace. Here are some that I have found helpful:

From the Byzantine Book of Needs:

Prayer for the Pacification of Animosity

We thank you, O Master, Lover of Mankind, King of the ages and Bestower of good things, Who destroyed the middle wall of enmity, and granted peace to the human race, and Who now has granted peace to your servants. Instill in them the fear of You and confirm in them love - one for the other. Extinguish every dispute and banish all temptation to disagreement. For You are our peace and to you we ascribe glory: to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

(My priest - at the Catholic Russian Center in San Francisco - uses this at times such as the present, when the war drums are beating and before the war starts.)

From the Saint Joseph Daily Missal (pre-Vatican II):

Collect for the Mass for peace:

O God, from Whom proceeds all holy desires, right counsels, and just works, give to Thy servants that peace which the world cannot give; that our hearts may be disposed to obey Thy commandments, and, the fear of enemies being removed, our times, by Thy protection, may be peaceful. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen.

If war comes, we may need to use this prayer:

Post-communion prayer for the mass in time of war:

O God, Who hast dominion over all kings and kingdoms, Who by striking healest, and by pardoning savest; extend to us Thy mercy, so that by Thy power we may enjoy peace and tranquillity, and use them for our healing and amendment. .

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen.

Pray for peace!

Source: Lee Penn <[email protected]>

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Russian Center
"Through the prayers of the Theotokos, Savior, save us!"
February 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #142); Turning Fully unto the Word of God:

For this is the word of the Lord.

Hear Me in this hour know that those who put themselves aside for the things of the world, for the things of the flesh, for the will of man, and turn themselves fully and wholly unto the word of the Living God, unto the ways of the Living God, unto the might of the Living God, those I will bless, those I will lead, those I will guide through all the troubles that are to come.

Turn not aside left nor right after the things of this world for they are a snare unto you and they are so easily caught up in. Hear the Word, know the Word. Hear the Word, know the Word. Hear the Word, know the Word of the Living God.

Source: "Thomas S. Gibson" <[email protected]>
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