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March 31, 1998


"...Understand, My children, that each of you has your free will, and the CHOICES you make through this free will either gives LIFE Eternal to the soul, or eternal DEATH in the flames of Gehenna! As I said before, eternity is TIMELESS, so the choices you make NOW are choices that can mean LIFE forever, or DEATH forever!

Open, My beloved one, to Jonah 2, verse 2.

My children, as Jonah was taken by the fish to wallow in his misery, that he would see the errors of his time spent on this earth, the WARNING will show YOU all your errors as I have seen them, that you will be given this chance to RENEW your life in Me, with Me and for Me; a SURRENDER of your will in order that you may have Life Eternal.

As Jonah was given My MERCY to see and renew his life in Me, with Me and for Me, so that he would have Life Eternal, and not remain in the abyss for which he himself knew he was headed, WHY would you not think, as I gave Jonah this Preparation, I would do LESS for each of you! Is Not My MERCY your gift of My Love for each of you?"

Source: TEACHINGS <[email protected]>

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March 30, 1998

Word from the Lord via David Heischman

My Child,

I Am gathering My People together in this hour from the four winds, and I Am planting an urgency within their spirits that they must come together in one mind and one accord.  

There has never been an hour upon the earth where the unity and the love amongst My People must be shown as it is now. The world all around you is crumbling, and the rage of hate and war has consumed the multitudes; the nations of the world are hungry and starving, but it is not only for the food that sustains them, but the lack of a true purpose in the life they now live.  

The hour is late, and I Am bringing all things to an end, and I ask that you My People come together for a common purpose, and that is to Do The Will Of My Father. Be not concerned about the greatness of your churches and having your names in lights, as even The Lord Of Glory had not even a place to lay His Head. You must go as I commanded that you go, into the world to preach My Gospel, for did I not say this in My Word?  

Many of My People have failed because of their pride and the ways of the world have taken a great toll in the midst of this world of sin.  

I have planted My Love and My Compassion within the hearts of those who are lowly upon the streets of the nations, and because so many have set back in the plushness of their great cathedrals, I have chosen the meek and those that are little recognized to complete My Work Of Righteousness, for so many in the greatness of their own minds have missed it.

Awaken unto My Final Call, Oh People Of God, and sound The Trumpet while the final few seconds of time tick away before you. Lead as many as you can to The Foot Of My Cross while there is yet still time, for very soon shall you see the clouds roll back, and I shall appear, and those that are awaiting My Return in the clouds of Heaven shall rejoice in Me and The Greatness of Who I Am.

I Am waiting on you My People, what choice shall you make? There is little time left, for the fulfillment of all The Prophets Of Old spoke is before your own eyes. What choice shall you make? What must be done now must be done quickly and without delay, for the souls of many hang in the balance, and their answer lies within your hands.

Again I say unto you, what choice shall you make?

Amen and Amen,

The Lord Jesus Christ

Source: David & Winona Heischman <[email protected]>

March 29, 1998

Albright Warns- Peace Process Near Collapse

(IINS News Service -Israel-3/29) US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stated that she fears the Mideast peace process is nearing total collapse.

Albright stated the process has been stalled for one year, and it was in danger of total collapse.

According to Israel Radio, Albright has been in contact with senior American Jewish leaders to assist in pushing the peace process forward. Secretary Albright added that the trust that was established between Israel and its Arab neighbors has been destroyed, further complicating the peace process.

US special negotiator Dennis Ross is expected to conduct a third round of negotiations with Israeli and PLO Authority (PA) leaders today, in an attempt to get the stalled process to move forward.


March 28, 1998

The Sign of Jonah- Again!- Message from John Leary March 21, 1998

Jesus said: "My people, you are seeing the time for the harvest of souls where there are few in the vineyard seeking to save these souls. I am calling on My messengers and prophets to bring My Good News message to ALL of mankind.

My End Days prophets are as the sign of Jonah, which is the only sign to be given. You are being given the same message of old, to protect your souls from the evil ones by conversion and the forgiveness of sins.

These messages are NOT ‘new revelation,' but the SAME call as St. John the Baptist.

YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE GREAT TRIBULATION, so heed My calls and LISTEN to what My messengers are alerting you to.

Discern the spirit, for there WILL be false prophets, but see that time for conversion is SHORT.

Those who do not see My coming IS soon, are NOT reading the signs of the times.

I am asking every one of My baptized faithful to reach out and bring these searching souls back to Me in love. For, ‘...many are called, but few are chosen.' "

Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

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March 27, 1998

Medjugorje Monthly Message of 03/25/98

"Dear children!

Also today I call you to fasting and renunciation. Little children, renounce that which hinders you from being closer to Jesus. In a special way I call you: Pray, because only through prayer will you be able to overcome your will and discover the will of God even in the smallest things. By your daily life, little children, you will become an example and witness that you live for Jesus or against Him and His will. Little children, I desire that you become apostles of love. By loving, little children, it will be recognized that you are mine.

Thank you for having responded to my call."

Source: "Steve Shawl" <[email protected]>

March 26, 1998

Mother Angelica returns from Garabandal "visit"

On Tuesday 8PM EST, Mother Angelica talked about her recent trip to Garabandal while on her live EWTN television program.  

There has been much speculation about the possibility of the Miracle of Garabandal occuring this April 9th or on April 16th.  For this to occur the Warning must occur prior to these dates. Certainly the coincidence of the timing of Mother Angelica's visit to Garabandal will further fuel such speculation.

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March 25, 1998

Mother accused of suffocating little girls with duct tape

DALY CITY, Calif. (AP) - A mother used duct tape to suffocate her three little girls in their pajamas, then climbed into bed with them and took an overdose of prescription drugs, police said Tuesday.

The woman left two notes describing her actions, police said.

"In 29 years, I've seen a lot of evil. Nothing like this,'' said Lt. Steven Lowe.


(2 Tim 3:1) But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.

(2 Tim 3:2) People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,

(2 Tim 3:3) without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,

(2 Tim 3:4) treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God--

March 24, 1998

Britain on alert for possible Iraqi germ warfare attack

LONDON (AP) - Britain's air and sea ports have been put on alert to the threat of deadly anthrax being smuggled into the country by Iraq, the prime minister's office said Monday.

The Sun reported that an intelligence document dated March 18 reveals an Iraqi plot to smuggle large quantities of anthrax into ``hostile countries.''

Anthrax is a deadly bacteria that normally afflicts animals, but the organism can be used as a weapon by releasing spores into the air.


(Rev 6:7) When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!"

(Rev 6:8 ) I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

March 23, 1998

Low oil price wreak havoc in economies from Quito to Kuwait

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Plummeting crude prices have begun to wreak havoc in the economies of the world's oil-producing nations.

Governments are slashing budgets and growth forecasts, companies are scrapping investment and citizens from Quito to Tehran are preparing for hard times.

``Our economy is built on oil, so we are bracing for a real depression,'' said an Iranian businessman, Omid Rostamani.


Word from the Lord via Thomas S. Gibson

(Prophecy, #155); Economy and Technology:

There is prophecy of judgment, and this prophecy of judgment shall come to pass.

First I shall bring about a strong judgment of the fall of this nation's economy, and after this will come the judgment of the fall of technology, says the Lord God.

Source: "Thomas S. Gibson" <[email protected]>

For more on the coming economic collapse: Eyedoctor's Site: Hoofbeats of the Black Horseman

March 22, 1998

Earthquakes hits central Italy, no damage reported

ROME, March 21 (Reuters) - A series of earthquakes rocked the Umbrian and Marche regions in central Italy on Saturday, the same area hit by a string of tremors last year, civil protection officials said.

Many people ran out into the open, including some of the thousands who were left homeless by last year's quakes and are now living in prefabricated shelters in mountain villages.


Jesus said: "My people, you will see a gradual increase in volcanic activity and there will be earthquakes associated with this happening. All of these disturbances are occurring as man will learn how little he controls. The demons will be coming up out of these pits of fire as the Tribulation begins. Without My help, you will NOT survive, so call on My angels to protect you. You will be severely tested, but not beyond your endurance."

(Mark 13:8) Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

March 21, 1998

Tornado hits north Georgia, kills 11; two killed in N.C. twister

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) - A tornado ripped apart homes and an empty elementary school Friday along a 10-mile swath in rural northeast Georgia, killing at least 11 people and injuring 80.

In North Carolina, two people were killed and 19 injured Friday afternoon when a twister flattened the town of Stoneville.



Jesus said: "My people, your violent storms are NOT over. You will see continuing problems with flooding and other ‘natural disasters.' Many are still blind to the connection of your sins to your chastisements. As more are brought to their knees by being stripped of their riches, man will realize his testing time HAS come, whether he wants to believe it or not."

March 20, 1998


Jesus said: "My dearest child, please take these words from your sovereign Lord:

I am your Jesus, Who speaks with love for you and draws you into My Heart. You will find the weekend (Conference in California) refreshing, as you share renewed acquaintances and old friends. The days seem to hang in balance against all the expectations in the hearts of Our beloved faithful ones (everywhere). They are so blessed by My Father and filled with the gifts of Our Spirit.

My Mother looks forward eagerly to the time ahead, when all will fight for her honor and the Father's plan of salvation for His world. She prays in quiet anticipation of His renewed action in the world, for the sake of bringing many more back to Him in repentance. This is an awesome time to be alive; to await the coming of the Son of Man; to anticipate the defeat of evil in the person of the Anti-Christ and his many cohorts.

At this time, there will be no more delays on the part of leaders of the world before a full engagement of powers, a few at first, then escalating into a full WORLD WAR and enormous devastation.

Little children of the world, do NOT be surprised at the number of people who will be removed from the earth through the action of destructive forces, hostile aggression, and simply evil intentions. The world is about to disappear, that is, the world as you know and see it NOW.

By the time I return, you will hardly recognize the shape of the land and numbers of countries. MASSES of people will be decimated. The color of the earth will be scorched. The air will be filled continually with the cries of mourning. The air will be so unhealthy that you will need to protect yourselves whenever you are outside your dwellings. All of these developments will be sudden, and people will be frightened by the many changes and awful conditions.

I tell you these things again, in order to allow you to be PREPARED for them. Even with this knowledge, it will require great strength to maintain peace and trust and joy in your hearts.

Please tell all (you can reach) to live in the joy of the hope present in your hearts, as you await My return. I am coming to be with you and walk the earth with you. The astounding facts of My Victory over evil will serve to give you the patience and perseverance that will be needed all throughout the coming events.

YOU ARE POISED ON THE BRINK OF TOTAL CHANGE IN YOUR WORLD AND ALL MAIN! Await these events, My beloved faithful, by hiding in My arms and taking refuge and strength from deep within Our Two Hearts.

I bid you, be of good cheer, filled with great expectations for a land flowing with peace and love, harmony and joy.

Oh, My dear, dear ones, you are loved beyond WORDS, beyond FEELINGS, beyond your UNDERSTANDING. Please, PLEASE hold out, hold on, hold on to My Mother's hand as together, We form the renewed Kingdom on earth.

Do NOT panic, but quietly prepare for these events. Be in deep prayer from now on as much as possible. More IS possible!!

I am your loving Jesus, Who showers you with Love.

Reread all My words, My dearest ones."

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

March 19, 1998

A Friend Indeed!

There are so many Scriptures where God tells us that He will inform us in advance about what He is going to do.  One of my favorites, of course, is Amos 3:7:

"Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets".

Yesterday I was also reminded of these:

"Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them" (Isaiah 42:9).

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?" (Isaiah 43:19).

Another one of my favorites is where God confides in Abraham: "And the LORD said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do" (Genesis 18:17).

Why did God confide in Abraham? We learn from James that God considered Abraham his friend. "Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God" (James 2:23).

By faith, we have received the promises given to Abraham, the same righteousness and friendship with God. Jesus: "Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you" (John 15:15).

Yesterday, while walking, the Lord suddenly gave me a soul-stirring reminder that we are FRIENDS!!! YES!!! What joy! Thank you, Friend!

Source: [email protected] (Jim Bramlett)

March 18, 1998

PM Binyamin Netanyahu To Address Christians in Orlando (Florida)

(IINS News Service -Israel-3/17) Thousands of Christians and Jews will gather in Orlando, April 29th through May 3rd , to celebrate Israel's Jubilee (50th) year as a nation, and to take a strong stand against anti-Semitism. Among the highlights of the conference will be an address by Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who will speak to the estimated 18,000 in attendance at the Orange County Convention Center on Sunday, May 3rd, as part of the closing festivities.

The Israel's Jubilee conference, which will reach a global audience via satellite and Internet, is expected to be the largest gathering of Christians and Jews ever convened in support of the State of Israel. The event, which is being organized by Christian Alliance for Israel, has been sanctioned by Israel's 50th Anniversary Committee as an official part of the nation's birthday celebration. Christian Alliance for Israel represents a coalition of individuals and organizations who share a love for and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

For additional information, one may contact: 1-888-894-2927 for registration or information. In Orlando, call 904-246-4399.


Looking to the future of relations between Christians and Jews, in the first place we appeal to our Catholic brothers and sisters to renew the awareness of the Hebrew roots of their faith. We ask them to keep in mind that Jesus was a descendant of David; that the Virgin Mary and the Apostles belonged to the Jewish people; that the Church draws sustenance from the root of that good olive tree onto which have been grafted the wild olive branches of the gentiles (cf. Romans 11:17-24); that the Jews are our dearly beloved brothers, indeed in a certain sense they are "our elder brothers." --Pope John Paul II

(Psa 122:6) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure".

March 17, 1998

Please Pray for Ray!

Ray Blum is a dear, very devoted brother in Christ who was recently diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.  He writes:

"At Maggie's (Maggie Holguin, a Catholic visionary and stigmatist), in Lewis (Kansas) I saw a picture that had a picture of a crucifix above a fireplace that has a large Host covering some of the crucifix. That was about one month ago. This time the Host had blood on it in several spots; about five I think. Wow! Some person had given her this picture months before.

Joe and Dr. Zambrano I had Maggie pray over me as you requested. The feeling I got was very peaceful and calm. She is such a modest person. God Bless her.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I think I feel better than before. Oh, except for two nights when I thought I was having a heart attack but found that the medicine I was taking for diverticulitis was causing this gas on the stomach and caused restrictions of the upper chest that made me feel that way. I feel fine now.

Again, thanks for all your prayers; you prayer warriors!!!!!

Doc can you put this on your web page or send it to others.

I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. I love them all!! God Bless, ray"

Source: Ray Blum <[email protected]>

March 16, 1998

Sign of Exodus Witnessed by Faithful

I have just spoken with a friend of mine who is a leader within the charismatic Catholic movement. He attended a "multi faith" Christian charismatic event wherein the Holy Spirit rested upon literally thousands of people who attended the event....members from all churches.

He mentioned that one prayer group in the U.S. had experienced the physical cloud of God's Holy Spirit. The event was an 8 hour praise and worship service. After 8 hours, a cloud descended upon the group. The witness to the event stated that at first he thought the cloud was "on fire" but then it physically descended upon all those within the group. The presence of God was SO POWERFUL that people literally fell prostrate on their stomaches and could not look up. They were completely overwhelmed and humbled in God's presence.

I have NEVER heard the cloud of God being witnessed by a group in my life. Perhaps others have. This is a distinct sign: the cloud of Exodus. It is also a confirmation of the physical/spiritual nature to the Biblical prophecy that Jesus will return ON A CLOUD!!

It was interesting to note another story that during the praise and worship proceedings of the meeting that my friend attended, that a "spiritual" wind blew open "closed" curtains that surrounded the Eurcharist.....a witness to the "all the churches" of the presence of Jesus in the Eurcharist.

When the Church tells us that this IS the year of the Holy Spirit, truly is!!

Source: [email protected]

March 15, 1998

The Year 2000 Problem: The Year the Earth Stands Still

It is a very big problem, worldwide in scope and without historical precedent (unless we count the Tower of Babel). At the same time, the y2k story is inherently implausible. How could a seemingly trivial computer programming tradition of the 1950's bring down the West's governments and banks? Yet it will.

If the banking system is not compliant, the world's system of payments faces extinction. If people   believe that their money is at risk because of a computer failure, there will be massive bank runs, all over the world.

If they somehow fix every line of code in the United States, that constitutes about 20% of the   world's code. What happens to compliant computers when they exchange data with   noncompliant ones? Either they shut down or they absorb the noncompliant data, thereby destroying the original repair. In either case, the system fails.

Systems. We are totally dependent on systems. These systems are in turn dependent on noncompliant software and hardware. If one component of a system fails, it threatens the entire system. If one system fails, it threatens other systems. The Year 2000 Problem is a systemic problem. This is why it cannot be fixed -- too many interdependent parts.

For more on the coming economic collapse: Eyedoctor's Site: Hoofbeats of the Black Horseman

March 14, 1998

Message via Carol Ameche: March 12, 1998

Jesus said: "My dearest child, please take My words in joy and trust. I, your Jesus of Divine Mercy, come this night to bring you added strength along the path of waiting on My Father's Will. He blesses you tonight with major help and grace to sustain your efforts to accept this Will.

These are not easy days for anyone, especially those who pine over the removal of My precious Presence and tabernacle from its rightful place in My Own House! Be filled with holy indignation, My friends. Defend Me as long as you can, and be docile and holy and demure in your defense. The days are numbered that see any one of My churches with the appearance of a Catholic church.

The liberality of priests toward My sacred Presence, their lack of respect, is astounding to all who behold. And yet I have told them in the recent past that everything will be removed of a sacred nature, and ultimately, all of My churches will be closed. Yes, it IS an unbelievable development in the history of My Church, but you must remember that these events must occur in order to fulfill Scripture before I return.

The Body of Christ will undergo a scourging just like Mine. You are all asked to carry this cross and walk every step of the way with Me to My Crucifixion. The Passion and Death is re-lived now by My entire Church and, just as in days of old, persecutions of Christians will result. Those who follow Me and Our beloved John Paul, will be asked to suffer greatly for the sins of the apostates who attempt to tear this Body asunder.

The gates of Hell are open to destroy all those who profess belief that I am your Redeemer and Messiah, Who died once and for all, to open again the gates of Heaven to all who choose to follow Me, love and serve Me.

The gates of Hell will NEVER prevail over My Church, although you will now suffer its greatest persecution of modern times.

People will quake with fear in the coming days. Areas already weakened by severe weather will suffer new attacks of the wildness of weather. The coastal areas are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of the enormous storms that will only continue.

Please, daughter, BEG all to continue to pray that the people who live in these regions will turn to My Father in surrender and ask for His help and His Mercy. The Father allows these events to continue in order to force people to listen and acknowledge their need for their God, Who ALONE can help them.

The devastation that continues to escalate is a sure sign of the living-out of many of Our prophecies regarding these End Times. See how unimportant and fragile are the possessions of those who see them ruined by the destructive forces of nature.

Hear how many voice the importance of life in the face of overwhelming loss! These dear ones need to be the focus of your prayers, My little Faithful Remnant. Begin to share again your prayers, personal wealth, and goods to all who have lost everything.

See the difference in lifestyle required of those whose homes and property are washed away by wind and rain, and by fire. Many of these weather events are reaching through minds and hearts that have been hardened previously to the voice of their Father and Creator.

Daughter, continue as you are in your attempt to reach Our people. Here now is my Mother with words of love:"

Our Blessed Mother said: "My dearest daughter, hello! The days since we last visited are many, and I am grateful for this opportunity to share words of love and wisdom for your soul, your understanding.

Daughter, please believe My words of love and warning:

The time, as you can see, is here for the illumination of your minds to the state of your souls, dear children of the world. You see unmistakable signs and words being given, to all who wait for the Father to send His merciful Justice into the world; this need not be awaited or anticipated in the future, it is happening now!

Be assured, My dear, dear ones, that chaos and unrest exists everywhere, as the forces of nature ravage so many areas. Your winter will last far into the months usually experienced as mild and warmer. Do not be surprised at the devastation that continues and the violent behavior which accompanies it.

The Father is announcing an extended time of hardship for those fuse to listen to His Commandments, for those fuse and reject His precious gift of life.

For all those,--My faithful ones,--who listen to my voice and obey my requests, please pray that these events will soften many hearts and lead them back to their loving Father Who waits to heal and comfort them, back to my Son, Who desires to nourish and renew them, back to my Spouse, Who waits to heal them and fill them with grace.

Be assured, My faithful soldiers, that this is a BATTLE.

Be assured that these storms are an answer to all of the EVIL in the world.

Be assured, my soldiers, my special children, that you are fighting the EVIL ONE, my enemy, when you pray for peace, for an end to the killing and plans for war, for the weather to return to its normal patterns, for God's Mercy on all who suffer.

These prayers are the WEAPONS you use to fight the battle for me, and with me at your side.

The Angels and Saints have joined ALL who pray, in order to cement closer relationships in the great Communion of Saints, to which you belong as the Militant Church of my Son.

Please, dear children, allow nothing else to fill your thoughts and your lives. What very, very brief time remains must be spent in the joy of loving and serving ALL.

The days are changing rapidly at this time in the plan of Our Father. It is SO necessary that you continue to wait with calm and patient hearts, offering this waiting to me for my prayer intentions.

You are so greatly loved, my children of the earth. Remember to share with those you meet that I am the Mother of all people on the earth. I am watching over you and share in your tears of frustration, pain and suffering. You are always before my eyes and in my heart, in my prayers and protection.

The heartbeat that exists, before the Father's plan is escalated and becomes even more obvious, is still time enough to repent, to confess your sins, to reach out to others to help them live out these days, to explain to them the reason each event occurs.

You, My dear soldiers, are prepared for any event, any disruption in your lives, any letting go and emptying deemed necessary for you by Our Father and Creator.

Be at peace, My little faithful ones. Be assured of my Son's return and His Victory over ALL of the evil in the world.

Expect to see a renewed world.

Expect to see miracles occurring for MILLIONS of dear ones, who will need a strong sign of the Father's great love in the midst of so much chaos and confusion.

Remain faithful to my call, my beloved children.

Expect continuing and total love from your God and His (and your) heavenly Mother."

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

March 13, 1998

Message to Sadie Jaramillo: March 1, 1998


MARY: My child, it is I, your Mother and the Mother of all humanity. My little sorrowful rose, I who dwell in the midst of the Trinity, I who gave the world through my virgin womb Jesus, the Son of God and flesh of my flesh, I too, praise the Omnipotent God Who gifted the world with love incarnate.

This is the month of the Annunciation. Now I announce to you, as the herald of truth, and sentinel set in the watchtower: weep and pray with Me! Bind your heart to Mine, Whose heart is bound to My Son's. Share My sorrow for what now comes to humanity!

My Son has announced to you the end of public messages, and I, but a few more will proclaim what the world will know, because it will begin to live out the fulfillment of them. Bind your heart to Mine and do not stray, for in that moment you will be caught unprepared!

Many times I have interceded and stayed the hand of God's Justice! For you, dear and faithful remnant, so few, but so strong, you have continued to persevere, a virtue that comes with great difficulty!  But look and see what We (Our Lord and Our Lady) have done to prepare humanity for this, "the time of all times!". Where the voices of the shepherds have been silent, I have made present in strong ways the words God would speak through so many! Be not fearful, for you, My children, are assured of My faithful promises! I will protect you! I will shield you from the foe! I will guide you!

But the world continues on it's path of self destruction, for obstinate hearts persist. And faith? Oh My little sorrowful rose, will my Son find true faith when He returns?

Division abounds everywhere; confusion, and the blind lead the blind! (In matters of the Church). The leaders of nations proclaim peace, but I tell you the contrary is true and war is imminent! Stay on bended knee! In the midst of great confusion will the illumination of your souls come! (And) yet a short time and the man of iniquity appears!  The Divine and Miraculous signs of God will come to confound the Godless! You, My children, will stand in awe of God's might and power, for what you have seen in these storms is but the beginning!

Are you prepared for the harvest? Are you prepared for the harvest? Are you prepared for the harvest? For amidst trials will come triumph and ultimately the Victory of the Two Hearts!  Pray the exorcism prayer to St. Michael, for the enemy knows no rest.

I tell you there is a breakthrough for the Cross of Peace Project and there will be at the anniversary great outpouring of graces!

My priest sons, prepare to reconcile My children to their God! My priest sons, prepare to receive your brothers now embracing error, soon accepting TRUTH!  My child, prepare to receive many who will come for counsel and teaching, instruction and Love! My children, prepare to take in My priest sons. Darkness falls upon the Church!  Walk in My Love. Let there be no discord, but unity. There is POWER in unity of prayer! Walk in My humility! Walk in assurance of My promises, for the storm of all storms arrives!

My Blessings to you and all who believe! AMEN.

Source: Ronald E Smith <[email protected]>

March 12, 1998

Message from Our Lady of the Americas - March 7th

My Dear Children,

These are special times in which many, many in the world acknowledge My Son and His great love for the world. As the Holy Spirit works to call souls to Himself, many are being touched and are opening their hearts. God is calling all His children throughout the world in many special ways, so that souls can be gained for His Kingdon. He desires that all men return to His love.

The world sees His great signs everywhere and it will continue to see them as God moves in a great way to awaken the souls of those who have become spiritually dead. It is during these times when God is also using His followers, those who believe in His love, to do great things. I have been in the world for a long period now, being very evident as I come to set up communities of great warriors for God. My warriors not only have come to love me, but more importantly have come to deeply love and depend on our God. This is what I came to do--prepare hearts for this period when the Holy Spirit of God is showering abundant graces that through these souls whom He fills with His courage and strength many other souls may come to know God's love and peace.

My great warriors throughout the world....prepare yourselves! Be more ready than ever to do God's work because these are the times for which I have been preparing you. All my warriors, the communities of prayer warriors that I have prepared are now being called for great work at hand. Do not be caught unprepared. Your life of prayer must be well implanted in your souls, for without this you are more vulnerable to the evil one who does not want to let go as he uses now, every wile to keep you away from that which I have called you to do, that is, to become a soldier for My Son Jesus, filled witht he Holy Spirit of God, His strength and courage. You ar enot left unaided. God is preparing the souls so that you, My warriors, may take them the truth.

Go as far as your position allows you and take the "good news" of our God's great love for humanity, His creations. Do not be fearful in any way because if you are doing your job, allowing God's graces to work in you, be assured that God is doing His work in you. As you see the chaos in the world, view it as your battleground, that war to which you have been called. March well-grounded with your armour which is prayer, mass, communion, the rosary in hand, full of knowledge of God through scripture study, and filled with God's Holy Spirit. Keep your heads high showing the world how marvelous and joyous it is to belong to God.

When you are filled with God's Holy Spirit, there is no room for fear. Reach out to your brothers and sisters who are lost, but reach out with kindness and love so that they may see God's ways through you. Pick up your banner and walk with Me as we move together to bring many souls to God's love.

Count on Me, My little ones, call on Me. I am walking with you everywhere, everywhere My soldiers go to do God's work. The Court of Heaven is with you as the legions of God's angels are with you to assist and protect you.

I love you and I thank you for listening to My words.

Source: Estala Ruiz via [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

March 11, 1998


Jesus said: "My child, please take My words.

Be with Me as much as possible each day now, dear ones. The hours are not important, but only our presence together in front of My Sacrament.

The world is about to explode (figuratively speaking!). Be aware that people are being done away with in many countries without the knowledge of the world. This annihilation of the needy and destitute ones is part of Satan's plan to set up his One-World religion that will truly only worship himself!

My dear children, the only answer for survival during these times is to stay focused on My face. Wrap yourselves with My Love and My Presence with you. Be removed now from the world and all its busy-ness. Know that prayers of reparation are impacting all those you pray for. Just continue, please, to persevere and believe in all you have heard.

Be at peace, dear children. Know that you are cherished."

Source: SCOTTSDALE <[email protected]>

March 10, 1998

The Sign of Jonah- Another Coincidence

"I was looking at your archives, look at the one from October 5, the day after the Promise Keepers event!!"

Source: Anna Doyle <[email protected]>

From the "Tribulation Times" Archives (

October 5, 1997

International Week of Prayer and Fasting October 5-13, 1997

An International Week of Prayer and Fasting is planned for October 5-13 1997. This event is being called a "Supernatural Mission" for the Conversion of Nations and the End of Abortion. As Our Lord Jesus said, "There are certain evil spirits which can only be driven out by prayer and fasting." (Mark 9:29).

We hope to instill in our people the spirit of Nineveh to turn our country back to God. Atonement and penance are the keys in this endeavor. "...In forty days Nineveh is going to be destroyed. And the people of Nineveh believed in God: they proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth...[they] united in their repentance, renounced their evil behavior, and God did not inflict upon them the disaster which he had threatened..." -Jonah 2: 4-5,10.


For more info scroll down to the March 8, 1998 entry for the "Tribulation Times".

"We need to be about our Father’s business of teaching that wonderful Gospel of Christ to the   world. He will open the doors of signs and wonders to pave the way for our success. Christ forbids us, however, to crave for signs and miracles, or to insist on seeking them. There is only one sign we need to get the job done: that is the single sign of the prophet Jonah. "

Source: Dr. Ernest L. Martin's report on  How to Interpret Biblical Signs.

March 9, 1998

Prophetic Messages for Today


"...Pray MUCH, My children, for you will have to suffer much to cleanse your sins and the temporal punishment due for them."

"...My glory will be shown you soon, when I come on the clouds to share My Triumph with all of mankind. Be ever-faithful and TRUST in My help and protection."

"...Pray, pray, pray MORE, My children, while you still have TIME. It is not difficult to pray. You must move your will to understand the need for all of this prayer. "


"....He said, " I Am about to return for My People, but you must warn the people." " You must tell them to repent, to turn away from their sins, for I say unto you, TIME HAS RUN OUT." I Am returning very very soon, and those who have ears will hear what I Am saying."


"...These days are final days which are to be, says the Lord. These days are the final days which are to be. Look forward to the coming changes, judgments, and wrath of God"

"...Never has there been a time in the earth, such as is to come, and such as is beginning at this time."

"...You are just entering the time of the wrath of God. Just beginning to enter into this. In years to come you shall enter strongly into this. Look forward to it, for the Spirit and the power of God on you shall be stronger than its ever been in your entire life, and than its ever been since sin has come into this earth. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!"

Sources: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>
              David & Winona Heischman <[email protected]>
             "Thomas S. Gibson" <[email protected]>

March 8, 1998

The Sign of Jonah

"Ever since the Promise Keepers event, in October, when so many men repented before the Lord, He has been telling me to "Pray for the sign of Jonah". When we went to Washington, DC, this Jan 22, for the March for Life, He told my friend Teresa, that in 40 days plus six, we would see "confirmation of the sign of Jonah"

Tonight on the news, 46 days after this, there was a report on the news that a rare blue whale was sighted off the coast of Middletown, RI.

Thank God and praise Him for His Mercy endures forever!!!!!!!"

"For at the preaching of Jonah they reformed, but you have a greater than Jonah here"

Source: Anna Doyle <[email protected]>

Blue whale carcass is find of a century

MIDDLETOWN -- Marine researchers from around the Northeast converged on Second Beach yesterday, excited with the opportunity to study the carcass of a blue whale, the world's largest animal and one of the rarest.

``This an incredibly rare event. It's the largest animal ever to live on this planet and we've never had a specimen like this to work with,'' said Dr. Phillip Clapham, a whale specialist at the National Marine Fisheries Service in Woods Hole, Mass.


Editor's note: The following two scenarios come to mind:

Sign of Jonah--three days and three nights-- three days until the Warning or perhaps the rapture?

Sign of Jonah--Jonah prophesied and the Ninevites fasted for 40 days and nights-- add 40 days to today's date -- April 16th, one of two possible Miracle dates (other is April 9th). Other possibilities include: the time of the great spiritual outpouring of Joel (latter rain), or the rapture.

For more info about the Warning see:

March 7, 1998

Chief Rabbi: Man is the Tabernacle

"In the Torah portions that we read these several weeks, we deal with the construction of the Mishkan, the tabernacle. This is the tabernacle for generations, as our Rabbis explain: 'You shall build - for generations.' Man himself is also a tabernacle. Just as the Mishkan must be built exactly and according to God's command, so must a man build and establish himself as a tabernacle unto God, totally and completely. It is therefore incumbent upon us to delve into the secret of a permanent Mishkan, to know which of the various Holy Temples lasted for how long, to understand which of them was destined to be everlasting and permanent, in order that we may know which aspects to emulate. "

Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, Chief Rabbi of Rehovot/ Arutz Sheva Israel
National Radio/ Broadcast on March 4, 1998 / Adar 6, 5758.

Source: via  Weekend News Today

For information on man as God's temple, cloning and the desolating abomination see:

March 6, 1998

Message to Fr.Jack Spaulding - March 2,1998, Phoenix, AZ

My dear ones, I come to you this night to ask you again that you love one another. So many of My little ones in this world are neglected. So many are overlooked. So many are in pain. So many are still hungry and lonely and afraid. My dear ones, I come to remind you that as they suffer, I suffer along with them. I am with them ever in their loneliness, in their hunger, in their pain, and in their distress.

I ask you this night to consider during this holy season when you truly reflect upon My passion and death and resurrection, that you would open your hearts to those around you to My suffering and touch them with the love that I have given you. I say to you that you are blessed with My Father and so My blessing to these is to send you forth this night to touch those who are suffering, to bring My personal love to them. Open your eyes to see them, to expel the prejudice from their heart so that I may touch them through you.

I give you My peace and I ask you please to listen to Me calling you from those dear little ones, from their want and from their need. I love you. I will walk with you to touch them.

Source: [email protected] (MRS JOYCE M LANG)

March 5, 1998

God is Faithful


I had been down on myself spiritually, wondering whether in my sinfulness I was qualified to be spreading the message of Jesus' soon return. After all, I have let Him down so many times. "Most people don't seem to take the message seriously, anyway", I thought. Maybe it was the way I was presenting it. Maybe it was the messenger, not the message. That night I went to sleep very discouraged.

The Dream

I had a dream so vivid it still seems like it really happened.

I was given the responsibility of overseeing 10 children. We were all riding a helicopter when the pilot touched down and announced it was okay for the children to "go play". As we are walking along the sidewalk two of the children enter the first house that we reached. The other eight go on to a second house that I recognized as belonging to a childhood friend of mine.

After some time playing it was time for me to pick them up. The eight that stayed at my friend's house immediately came out when I called to them and began to walk to the helicopter. I called the other two but they didn't come. I went in to get them and I found them "dissecting" or "sifting" an M+ M candy and putting the pieces into their mouths. They complained that they didn't taste anything. I remind them that it was an M + M and that I knew that they liked them. They agreed that they liked M + Ms but repeated that the piece they had was . I then tasted the M+M and it was sweet and delicious.

I insist that it's time to go but they are reluctant. Finally I hear that the helicopter is ready to leave and start out the door with one of the two children. As I get to the helicopter the other one joins me. As the helicopter is getting off the ground, many trees block the way first, and the helicopter has to make evasive maneuvers. Finally as we clear the trees I see us rising into a dark storm-filled sky. The pilot announces that everything would be okay. We safely fly off.

When I awoke I begged God for an interpretation. The Holy Spirit answered me immediately but inaudibly.


The ten children were those to which I had been assigned to spread the message of the Gospel and of Jesus' soon return. Of the ten, eight were already Christians. This is why they went to the house that was familiar to me and answered immediately when I called. The other two were initially non-Christians. The Bible and the Gospel ( M + M candy) were known to them but did not "taste" good to them even though they knew it should. Although reluctantly, both accepted the Gospel before it was too late. The helicopter was the means of transportation away from the storm that was to come, just as the rapture (or perhaps another form of God's divine protection) will save us from God's wrath.

The Holy Spirit then pointed out to me that all 10 children who were initially assigned to my protection reached safety. He reassured me that despite all my failings that God would use me to accomplish the task that He has preordained for me. I can assure all those reading this message that He will do the same for you. He is faithful. All Glory and Honor to His Most Holy Name!!

Thank you Jesus for loving one so undeserving of your love!

(Zec 4:6 ) ...'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.

Source: [email protected]

March 4, 1998

An Eternal Testimony

Every hour, seventeen people in the world are killed for their faith in Christ, according to a news source. At 17/hour, that's 408/day, or 148,920/year.

Are we ever ashamed of Him in this world of secularism, humanism, paganism, hedonism and materialism?  Should we ever be silent about Him so as not to "offend" others (or embarrass ourselves)?

The blood of the martyrs and Christ Himself cries out to us, "Never!"

Source: [email protected] (Jim Bramlett)

(Rev 6:9) When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.

(Rev 6:10) They called out in a loud voice, "How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?"

(Rev 6:11) Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.

March 3, 1998

Italy frets over possible Mount Etna eruption

CATANIA, Italy -- Sicily's Mount Etna volcano, which last blew in 1991, could be on the brink of another eruption, a top Italian government expert warned Monday.

"An eruption by Etna could take place in a very short while," the secretary of state in charge of civil protection, vulcanologist Franco Barberi, said, renewing an alert he made last month.

While current activity in the crater was normal, he said, "what is worrying is ... an obvious transfer of lava towards the surface."

Another Italian vucanologist, Letterio Villari, said last month that the volcano had registered within a 48-hour period 140 tremors which were accompanied by small eruptions of lava. The strongest tremor was around 3.8 on the Richter scale.

The activity forced authorities to evacuate residents from the surrounding area.

Source: Nando Times

Excerpt from message to Pat Mundorf- January 29, 1998:

"...I have come to show and teach you of the events that are about to happen." Mother showed me Italy. There was a huge mountain exploding fire from its top...

Mary said, "My children, when you see this mountain of fire, know that your purification is about to START. PRAISE GOD and do NOT Fear.

Your evil times are about to come to an END! You have been WARNED, My Children!"

Source: Jim Vogel <[email protected]>

March 2, 1998

Reported Word from the Lord

A friend called me a few minutes ago to report that he had a word of knowledge from the Lord this morning. At this time I am not at liberty to reveal his name, but he is a solid, dear brother in the Lord, a long-time student of the Bible, and is in a highly respected profession. He said in his lifetime this has only happened to him 4-5 times, and in each case it all came true. I have known him for about three years and this is the first such incident.

He said he got up this morning, Sunday, March 1, 1998, at about 6:45 a.m., and the Lord suddenly spoke to him and said, "GO INTO YOUR STUDY ROOM AND SAY A PRAYER FOR THE WORLD, BECAUSE SOMETHING TERRIBLE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN VERY SOON."

A Confirming Word to Tim Kittell- March 1, 1998

The Middle East is about to explode! The people who do not believe it will happen will be astonished when they see My judgement fall on those who have come against My people.

Know that what I speak will surely come to pass, for I, the Lord your God have spoken it!

As the armies of Saddam march against My people, those of his people who have turned to Me will know My protection. But those who have not turned to Me will know My judgement.

Sources: [email protected] (Jim Bramlett) and watchman <[email protected]>

March 1, 1998

Judge rules against Alaska's same-sex marriage ban

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- A state judge hearing a challenge to Alaska's ban on same-sex marriage says choosing a partner is a fundamental right that could result in a "nontraditional" choice.



Jesus said: “My people of America, you have squandered your inheritance with your corrupt living, and your towers of Babel will be brought low.

The decadence of your morals and your disregard for life calls down My JUSTICE, as you will face MANY chastisements.

The storms of violence that are exacting their toll on you are just an example of how your wealth will be stripped from you.

Your greed for money and material things will bring you bankruptcy, in your spiritual laziness.

Your freedoms, that you have taken for granted for so many years, will be taken AWAY from you, since you have not fought for them.

You have sought nothing BUT pleasure and money, while your spiritual life is in RAGS!

My people of America need to WAKE UP this Lent and repent of your sins before your civilization falls in RUIN.

You have all of the signs of a decaying nation and STILL you do not see your own corruption!

When you take God out of your schools and your morals are in the gutter, WHERE do you expect Me to help you??

Unless you REPENT of your sins and CHANGE your death-culture, you will stagnate to your dying days.”

Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

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