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October 26, 1997-October 31, 1997

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October 25, 1997

Severe Weather, Quake Strike Fla.

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) -- The Florida Panhandle was twisting and shaking Friday from an earthquake, thunderstorms, a waterspout and, finally, a tornado that tossed a bread truck into the air and overturned a fuel tanker.


(Luke 21:11 ) There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

October 23, 1997

Word from the Lord through Kathleen Gabrielle


Beloved Sons & Daughters -

The day has come. The day has come to pick up your armor and weapons and take your position which was assigned to you before you were ever born.

In this army everyone wars.

In My army everyone battles.

In My army everyone carries a sword.

There are no desk jobs in My army - there are no draft-dodgers. Those who chose to stay behind will lose their lives trying to save them. For the enemy does not take prisoners.

In My army everyone will carry a sword. True, each man's sword will be different and unique. Each handle will be uniquely shaped to fit only the hand of the person for whom it was fashioned. Attempting to use someone else's sword will bring you to disaster. It will be too heavy or too long or too short - with it you will not be able to fight well.

If a fellow warrior drops their sword then return it to them - even if they refuse to pick it up themselves. Do not attempt to use their sword in place of yours. And do not be jealous of anyone's sword. Use the sword I have fashioned only for you. And do not lose it, reject it, despise it or go anywhere without it.

Everyone in MY army must be a warriors. You may be a cook part of the time. But you must, in your heart, be a warrior all of the time. You may be a singer in the courts part of the time, but you are a warrior all of the time. You may be a shepherd in the fields part of the time, but you are now a warrior all of the time.

Now is the time to carry your sword with you all of the time. There was a time when you only needed your weapon for hunting. But now your very life depends on your having your sword with you at all times. And I am not just talking about carrying My Word with you - your sword, MY sword is more unique than that. This sword is a unique weapon placed within you by My Spirit with which you can war.

Do not be deceived - there are no swords which are meant to be passive. No one has been given a sword to decorate a wall or lay on a table. All swords are given for one reason - to fight, to war, to destroy, to kill. But not to destroy life, but to destroy death (the enemy) posing as life.

Stop waiting!

Stop waiting for the enemy to break through the walls! Stop waiting for the enemy to strike the first blow! Stop waiting for the enemy to get close enough to kill you in your sleep!

Now is the time to pick up your sword - carry it in your hand instead of hanging it in a sheath. You cannot "draw your sword" fast enough if you let it hang from your belt.

To refuse to take up arms now is to choose death - and not a death to Me but a death away from Me. I love you and I do not want to see you destroyed by your own foolishness or ignorance or laziness.

Everyone must fight!

Everyone must carry and use their sword!

This day is a call to arms!

Warriors arise!

Warriors take up your weapons!

I will lead you into battle!

Your Sovereign Lord and the One Who Leads You into Battle

Source: [email protected] (Bryan & Cyndi Hupperts) via [email protected]
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October 21, 1997

Dual typhoons lash Pacific islands

(CNN) -- Typhoon Ivan battered the northern Philippines on Monday, killing one person and blowing down more than 800 houses. Meanwhile, Typhoon Joan made its way toward Japan.


October 20, 1997

LONDON (AP) -- Partial human fetuses will be grown to harvest organs for transplants in the next decade, and government oversight is urgently needed to prevent abuses, an ethics expert said Sunday.

Dr. Patrick Dixon predicted that it is only a matter of time before cloning technology is used to create partial fetuses with missing heads, arms or legs ``as organ factories for tomorrow's people.''

Dixon, author of ``The Genetic Revolution,'' made his prediction following a report in The Sunday Times over the weekend that British scientists have created a frog embryo without a head.

More on the abomination of cloning:

October 19, 1997


The recently released founder of the Islamic militant group Hamas opposes a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians and believes Israel must "disappear" from the map, the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet reported. "Israel, as the Jewish state, must disappear from the map," Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was quoted as saying in an interview published on Saturday.


October 17, 1997


Jesus said: "My people, you are blessed to be living in this age, which is about to be renewed as an extension of the creation of a new era. You will see the evil ones chained in Hell at last, as My Justice and Love will reign over the earth. The Anti-Christ's brief reign will come to a quick end and the hope for My peace will be realized. Give thanks to God that you have been blessed to be a part of My Faithful Remnant."

Source: NJ KNIGHTS OF THE IMMACULATA <[email protected]>

October 16, 1997


VATICAN (CWN) -- As Pope John Paul II nears the 19th anniversary of his election to the papacy, which he will celebrate on October 16, the Italian press is alive with assessments of his pontificate.




According to Maariv, 10/14/1997, Arabs have commenced construction on 7 different parts of the Temple Mount, Judaism's Holiest site.

The Chai Vekayam movement has appealed to Israel's High Court of Justice to prevent the Arabs from continuing with their unauthorized, provocative building on the Temple Mount. Yehudah Etzyon, head of Chai Vekayam claims that Arab volunteers for all over Israel are doing most of the work on the Sabbath when Israeli municipal guards are off duty.

Maariv also discloses excerpts from a secret military report about theArab activities on the Temple Mount. The report describes the virulent incitement against Israel which is broadcast from the mount by the Jerusalem Mufti and about the illegal construction on the mount.

Gershon Solomon of the "Temple Faithful" pledged to bring a four ton marble stone for the corner foundation of the future Temple on the Sukkot holiday.

Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Ulmart threatened to challenge Bibi in the upcoming Likud primaries if Bibi continues to shown willingness to compromise over Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Source: Judean Voice<[email protected] . >
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October 15, 1997

El Niño's touch may have shaped biblical history

(CNN) -- El Niño and the record-breaking storms it produces have generated a whirlwind of news coverage in this decade. But scientists say the history of this recurring weather phenomenon stretches back at least several centuries.

El Niño -- named for the infant Jesus due to its usual arrival around Christmastime -- began to be a household name around the world during a major El Niño season in the early 1970s. Then, in 1982, the biggest El Niño in recent memory swept the world.

And after an Israeli scientist linked higher Middle Eastern rainfall levels to El Niño action, he speculated that the Pharaoh's biblical drought could have been caused by several years without El Niño's impact.


October 14, 1997

Conyers, '97

Today  (October 13, 1997) is the 80 anniversary of Fatima. We were at Nancy Fowler's 'The Farm' in Conyers. Today is the yearly message to America from Mary our Mother through, Nancy.There were about 50,000 people there, and the weather was beautiful.

We started the rosary near noon, and it some of the decades were said in different languages, it was quite nice. Our Blessed Mother appeared to Nancy, and gave her yearly message to the world. It was short and to the point.

1). Children - Amend your lives!

2). There is going to be a great war, none like the world has ever seen.

3). Come back to Jesus, and amend your lives.

Nancy was also told that next year 10/98, will be the last time that out Blessed Mother is going to appear.

The crowd was then blessed with the miracle of the sun. I was in total AWE! I was worried that so many people would hurt their eyes. During the morning, many were taking pictures of the sun. Then after the the rosary was finished, and Mary gave the message and left, a women near me keep yelling 'Look at the sun, it is spinning, and pulsating' People kept getting up and turning around to look. I didn't at first I, I kept saying to my wife "these people will hurt their eyes". Finally, my wife Anne stood and looked at the sun, I looked at her and said "Well is it spinning?" She said "Yeah, it's spinnning", I jumped up and looked. I'll never forget it as long as I live! It was spinning and pulsating, I've never seen anything like it in my life.

Nancy also had 3 other visions that she talked about.

1) an embryo - meaning that abortion is evil

2) A vision of a large ship sinking, perhaps a cruise ship,

3) A building being covered or on top of a volcano.

I also met and spoke to John Leary's daughter, she asked us to pray about the Casini launch!

Source: [email protected]

October 13, 1997

Cassini launch postponed

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (CNN) -- Citing dangerously strong winds and technical problems, NASA officials have canceled Monday morning's scheduled launch of the controversial planetary probe Cassini.

NASA officials said the launch would be rescheduled for Wednesday at the earliest.


October 12, 1997

Cassini Ready for Launch

If all goes well, the Cassini Saturn orbiter will lift off from Cape Canaveral at 4:55 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, October 13th. The spacecraft will spend six years en route to the ringed planet, making several gravity-assist flybys of other planets before arriving at Saturn in 2004. Some have argued that Cassini should not be launched because of dangers posed by its nuclear power supplies.


October 11, 1997

Hamas leaders vow to continue fight against Israel

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) Hamas leaders, gathered in Gaza to celebrate their spiritual leader's return, vowed Thursday to keep fighting Israel despite earlier conciliatory statements by Sheik Ahmed Yassin himself.

"Hamas will continue to terrorize all the enemies of God and we will continue in our Jihad and resistance," said the militant Palestinian group's political leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, who is considered a relative moderate.

Rantisi stood with Yassin on the stage in a Gaza City soccer stadium while the cleric received a phone call from Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas strategist who was the target of a failed Israeli assassination attempt in Jordan last month.

His voice booming over speakers in the stadium, Mashaal said he was honored to have helped free Yassin, who Israel released last week in a swap for two Israeli agents captured in the attack. "It would have been my greatest pleasure to die for this cause," he said.


October 10, 1997

Amazon burning worst in memory, another casualty of El Niño

Seasonal rain patterns over the Americas, as well as Southeast Asia, have been disrupted by El Niño, a cyclical rise in Pacific water temperatures that affects jet stream patterns and alters weather around the globe.

The current El Niño system has cut humidity levels over South America to around 43 percent -- the lowest since 1939. Normal humidity in the Amazon rain forest is around 95 percent.

The fires raging in Indonesia and Brazil threaten to speed global warming by spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, Francis Sullivan, director of the World Wildlife Fund's Forests for Life Campaign, told reporters in London on Wednesday.

"Two-thirds of the world's forests have been lost forever," Sullivan said, adding that destructive logging and the subsequent land-clearing fires are accelerating the disappearance of the world's remaining original forests.



Jesus said: "My people, many have talked of ‘El Nino’ as it will affect your weather. Know that this refers to the time of My birth and its name is of Me as an infant. It is fitting that the judgments of your chastisement will be associated with My Name. These storms to come are the ones I have told you that would test you. These storms again will be more signs of the End Times, since they will be more difficult than others seen in your age."

October 9, 1997

St. Francis and Signs of the Times

Celano, Life of St. Francis, Chapter 6, 10-11

"His heart had already changed, now his body was also on the point of changing, as he walked one day near the church of St. Damien, which was nearly collapsed and abandoned by everyone. He entered the church, guided by the Spirit, to pray, postrating himself in suplication and devotion before the image of the crucifix. Feeling an unaccustomed touch in his soul, he recognized in himself certain changes since he had entered. And in this trance, the crucified Christ, opening its lips, speaks to him from the portrait. Calling him by his name: ´Francis´, it said to him, ´go, repair my House, which as you see, is falling to the ground´.

From that time on, a holy compasion for the Crucified Jesus was nailed to his soul, and you can take it in faith that profoundly imprinted in his heart, were the sacred wounds of the Passion. Just a little while afterwards, the love in his heart manifested itself in wounds on his body.

Out of his love he was never again able to contain tears; piteously he mourned the Passion of Christ, which was almost always before his eyes. Ever recalling the wounds of Christ, he filled the air with his grief, a grief beyond consolation."

The recent earthquake in Italy, that has caused the falling to the ground of important parts of St. Francis Cathedral in Assisi, has brought to us this little story like a parable. What is Jesus telling us? Is it a Sign of the Times?

Source: Jorge Martín <[email protected]>

October 8, 1997

Arafat, Netanyahu agree to meet regularly, envoy says

EREZ, Gaza Strip (CNN) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat met face-to-face Wednesday for the first time in eight months.

The 2 1/2 hour meeting, arranged late Tuesday by U.S. envoy Dennis Ross, came at a time when the peace process faces total breakdown, with Israelis and Palestinians trading barbs and accusing the other for disrupting Mideast peace.


October 7, 1997


Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq Sharaa said Wednesday Israel's insistence on security before ending occupation would turn the Middle East peace process into a "blood-letting process."

Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas said there are other ways besides peace to solve Middle East problems. "Peace is our strategic choice, but of course there are other options," Tlas said on Syrian television Sunday.


October 6, 1997

Khaled Meshal

The 41-year-old senior Hamas leader who ranked 4th or 5th in the hierarchy of the terror organization, has become a celebrity since the attempted assassination against him in Jordan almost two-weeks ago.

Khaled, the father of seven, was born in the village of Silwad, near the Shomron Jewish community of Ofra.

According to Hamas officials, the substance used by the "Mossad" agents was some form of unknown nerve gas. Jordanian media reports stated that even an expert flown into Jordan by King Hussein from the US Mayo Clinic was unable to identify the substance.

Reports from Jordan this evening quote King Hussein as saying that if the Israeli antidote was not flown in time to save Meshal, the consequences would have been most harsh.

Two men carrying Canadian passports had attacked Meshal from the back, injecting a toxic substance in his left ear as he entered his office in Amman's upscale Tlaa' Ali neighborhood.

Meshal was hospitalized with breathing problems, but has since recovered and left the hospital Friday.

Source: and IINS News Service

October 5, 1997

International Week of Prayer and Fasting October 5-13, 1997

An International Week of Prayer and Fasting is planned for October 5-13 1997. This event is being called a "Supernatural Mission" for the Conversion of Nations and the End of Abortion. As Our Lord Jesus said, "There are certain evil spirits which can only be driven out by prayer and fasting." (Mark 9:29).

We hope to instill in our people the spirit of Nineveh to turn our country back to God. Atonement and penance are the keys in this endeavor. "...In forty days Nineveh is going to be destroyed. And the people of Nineveh believed in God: they proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth...[they] united in their repentance, renounced their evil behavior, and God did not inflict upon them the disaster which he had threatened..." -Jonah 2: 4-5,10.


October 4, 1997


Jesus said: "My people, take notice that all of Heaven is in anticipation of My intervention in the affairs of men. This evil age has called out for My Judgment. I have been long in coming, giving you many hours in which to repent and be saved. Many have abused My time of Mercy to continue in their sins. I will be coming to judge the people of this age. You will know by My Warning how I see all of your sins. As the feast days of the angels will soon be upon you, look to their help during the time of the Tribulation."

Jesus said: "My people, do not think that the evil deeds that you do in secret will go unnoticed. I tell you, soon a time of illumination will come upon you. You will see all of your evil deeds exposed before all of Heaven as in broad daylight,--only brighter. Your sins of crimson red will be shown you. This Warning time is for some your last opportunity to realize how evil you have been. Heed this chance and seek forgiveness of your sins. Although your sins be scarlet, I will receive you into conversion. Free yourselves of all of your sinful ways and come walk in the light of My Truth."

See: for more on the imminent Warning.

October 3, 1997

Another quake hits central Italy

ASSISI, Italy (AP) -- Another quake shook central Italy Friday, inflicting new damage on areas hard hit by a pair of strong tremors a week ago.


October 2, 1997

(Prophecy, #119); Preparation Time:

Thus says the Lord God of all the universe.

Coming are the days in which men shall cry out, "Save me." But I will not save them, because they sought the gods of this earth and not the true most Holy God of all.

Following these days shall be great wrath upon the land. Then, and only then, shall you see the coming of the son of man.

For these are the days (now) that are the preparation of the times to come. Those who will follow what I have told they to do, shall walk through this time of evil upon the earth. They shall not know the evil, though it be on this side, on that side, and indeed all around. They shall not be touched by it, because they have sought the true most Holy God of all.


October 1, 1997

"As I was sitting in my office this morning, at exactly 10:45 a.m. ET,September 30, 1997, my telephone rang. It was friend Ed Wright, recently retired deputy sheriff of Orange County, Florida. I could tell he was excited.

Ed called to tell me that at 6:45 this morning, he was lying in bed awake,waiting for his alarm to go off. Suddenly, he said, he heard the following words, audibly and loudly into his left ear: "RUN, RUN, RUN! TELL THEM JESUS IS COMING SOON. THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME."

I said, "Ed, are you saying that you heard an audible voice?"

He replied, "Yes. As best I can tell. It was that clear." He said it was loud, and startled him. At first, he asked himself, "What is this? Who's speaking?" He then assumed the words were from God. Ed added, "But I don't know who to tell."

Source: Jim Bramlett [email protected]

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