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July 30, 1997


Israel's army chief warned yesterday that the Syrians were deployed for an offensive war, and that Iran was developing a missile with a range of 1,300 km, capable of hitting targets inside Israel.

Major-General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak was presenting the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee with a general review of the security situation.

He warned that the Israel Defence Force's preparedness for war had been damaged due to security budget constraints.

Lipkin-Shahak also argued that the Islamic movement Hamas was likely to renew terrorist activity inside Israel, in contrast to other security assessments publicised in recent months.



At least fourteen people have been killed in a double bombing at Jerusalem's outdoor vegetable market.

The two bombs exploded at mid-day today, devastating the crowded market, which was full of lunch-time shoppers.

At least eighteen people have been killed, and over forty injured in the attack which comes less than 48 hours after peace talks were resumed between Israel and the PLO.

July 26, 1997


Jesus said: "My people, as I look out over the earth there are many souls crying out for help, but Satan has a hold on many of them. Many souls are so in love with the world that they do not even notice My Call. These souls WILL be condemned, unless someone BRINGS Me to them. Other souls have heard me, but even in My Church they are being misled by false witnesses.

My dear Faithful Remnant, you do NOT know how fortunate you are to know and love Me. Those, who have accepted My Will, are a joy to My Heart. It is this core of believers that I call on, to go out and evangelize the lost souls of the world. The time for saving these souls is SHORT, and unless they are given a hand out of their sin, they will REMAIN in the darkness.

COME, My children, your Father is calling ALL souls to his bosom.  HELP THESE POOR SOULS WHILE THERE IS STILL *TIME* FOR CONVERSION. You must work in haste and without regard for criticism. Souls are at stake, so you must act quickly."

July 20, 1997

Message from Jesus to Armando Munera who lives in Medellin, Colombia on June 18, 1997:

Nineteen ninety seven.  It is the crucial year.  The year of the unfolding of the end. September 1997.  Do not stop looking at October, but look also at September.  September will be, to the spiritual, what October will be to the physical.  Earthquakes, partial destruction, great test, suffering, purification, manifestation of the antichrist.  Wait and see, but do not listen.  Close your ears, seal them from this moment.  Seal your ears.  Seal your mind.  Seal your brain.  Seal your entire auditory system.  Seal your spirit and your feelings.  Seal your will.  Seal yourselves using the sign of the cross over each ear, over the opening to each ear, so the words of the serpent will not reach you.

Look, close your ears physically and spiritually.  Do not listen.  He who listens will be dominated.  He who listens in good faith and is with Me, will still be partially dominated. You,  I will not permit it, you will not be partially or totally dominated.  I want you free.  Do not listen.

Praises of liberation, in tongues, while my adversary, the denier of Christ, the son of iniquity  gives his message.  Certainly you know, you already know that he will give his message through the electromagnetic waves of radio and TV but also through hypnosis, telepathy, mental fascination.  Don't listen in any way, by physical means or by mental means. That is why I ask you, seal your complete hearing system. Your brain, each neuron, each circuit related to your sense of hearing.  Seal, with my Most Precious Blood, your mind, your will.  I repeat, you cannot run the risk of not understanding Me.  I am clear.  It is a command.  I need to protect you. You have to submit yourselves, like never before, to My Will.  Be strong in My will.  Abide only by my will.  Anchor yourselves to My will.

Repeat, as he gives his message, after you seal yourselves like I have told you,  "My Jesus, by the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Most Blessed Mother, I give
you my will, I give you my intelligence, I give you all my capacity to be and act.  I am yours, Lord Jesus, only yours.  I reject, in Your Name, any other domination, especially the one
coming from the great denier.  Amen."

July 20, 1997

"About one week ago, I was talking to a dear Brother In Christ that has become like a brother that I have never had in the natural; Brother Tim Kittell in California. I was sharing some things with him that The Lord has shown me in just the past week.

Last weekend, The Lord told me that a great storm was approaching, but not to fear. We were in like a calm before the storm right now; like the eye of a hurricane. At first, I tended to be fearful, as I saw The Judgement Of God coming upon the earth, but The Voice Of God once again spoke, Be Not Afraid.

The Lord said: Even as My Judgement does fall upon the guilty; those who have mocked Me, and blasphemed My Holy name, will I protect My Own, even those who were purchased by My Own Blood.  Even as the poison of pestilance does come unto those of the earth, will I protect My People, for has My Word not said that if they even drink any deadly thing, will it not hurt them? For the very Angels Of Heaven will once again bring mana to feed My People if the enemy of Our God trys to poison those things that will be eaten and drank by My People.

You will be hated by those of the world, as My Hand Of Blessing rests upon you, and the hand of judgement falls upon those of sin, but know this, that even as Moses went into the wilderness with The Children Of Israel, and had the chariots of Pharaoh charging upon him, and The Red Sea on the other side, and I opened the sea for My People to walk across on dry ground, will I part the sea of adversity once again, and will close those waters upon that of your enemy, that they should be devoured by the sea of My Wrath.

When talking to Tim today in California, The Lord showed me a calendar of the years that had gone by, and then showed me 1997, but there was no calendar left past that of 1997. The Lord told me to rest in Him, as He said:" Fear Not, I Bring All Things To The Appointed End. "

The Last thing that The Lord told me was to blow the trumpet of warning to tell The People that what He is speaking of, is not afar off, but is even now at our door, but even as The Judgement Of God does come, to be of good cheer, as for us it will be short lived, and that this judgement would usher in The Lord in The Clouds Of Glory.

Please, as you read this, do not treat it lightly, as what He has told me will so soon come to pass.

David Heischman

July 9, 1997

Subject: July message from Our Lady of the Americas

From: [email protected] (Pam Levings)

My Dear Children,

Thank you, all those who listen to My words and heed them, for these are special times in which we live. These are times in which God has heard the cry of His children who are in the hands of evil as satan brings his destructive force upon the world.

You, My little ones can no longer deny that God's hand is visible throughout the world. As broken hearts reach out to be taken out of their despair, be assured that God's mighty hand is there to bring you out of it.

Yes, these are special times for the world as your loving, merciful God sends the Court of Heaven to gather souls who no longer wish to live in misery. I am here with you, My beloved, to reach out to you in My love, to speak to you about God's great love for His children all over the world and to tell you that He s to bring His children home, to His love and care. You have seen His mighty hand already working in the world. Many, many have reached out to His abundant love as He bombards the world with great graces. There will be many more who will come--many more.

I tell you today that the world must be ready for the great force that is to come into the world through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is about to come with power such as eyes and hearts have not seen or felt. Those of you who work with Me, rejoice!; for the time is here, and will grow ever stronger and more powerful, so that when you speak of God's love to others the words will come with such force that hearts and souls will listen, begin to love one another and see each other as brothers and sisters in God.

Even though satan is still working in a powerful way, he cannot deal with the force of the Holy Spirit of God. Only those who do not want to, whose souls are so entwined with satan will resist and may not change. But our God will give every single soul the opportunity to hear the message of love. I encourage you, My workers, to fill yourselves with God's abundant graces that He may be more powerful in you than ever for He is preparing a great outpouring of His Spirit upon the world. Soon the world will know that He is God, that He is truly kindness and goodness, and that He is powerful. Open your hearts and souls, My little ones, as you wait to receive Him, that He may make you His very own in His love and in His power. I love you, My little ones, and I am always with you. 

July 8, 1997

Fires, riots erupt in N. Ireland

LONDONDERRY, Northern Ireland (AP) -- Fresh violence erupted across Northern Ireland early Tuesday with fires and riots in retaliation for Britain's decision to allow Protestant marchers through a Catholic neighborhood.


PLO chairman Yasser Arafat is working towards the formation of a new "eastern front" of Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority, which "would be capable of pressuring Israel into accepting Palestinian demands" according to a report in today's JERUSALEM POST.

Quoting "highly-placed sources", the report said Arafat was encouraging theIranian regime to tighten its links with Syria as a first step. Iran and Iraq have also drawn closer recently.

This assessment echoes warnings by a US congressional taskforce last year of a combined Iran-Iraq-Syria-Palestinian military front against Israel. 

July 4, 1997

Given with the utmost of urgency this 4th Day Of July, 1997 by The Holy Spirit, to His Servant, David Heischman, unto God Be All The Glory Forever And Ever, Amen.

My People,

Today do I share with you that The Groom is gathered before The  Altar Of The Courts Of Heaven; before The Father and His Angels. Listen to what I say My People and heed The Words That I Speak, for even now do I call The Bride from the four corners of the world; I draw Her to a position to where She must now make preparation for The Wedding. I call unto Me, The Elect Of My Father's Kingdom who shall be united in wedlock with The King Of All Righteousness.

Make ready My People, adorn yourselves in The Righteousness Of Him Who Has Called You Out From Among The Many Nations, for The Groom waits for His Chosen Bride to take Her Place, to come forth from among them to be seperated and consecrated for The Kingdom Of My Father And Your Father.

There are so many that look at what I Am saying like it is afar  off, and there is needed time to prepare; I say unto you that in what few minutes you have that remain, get your houses in right order, pray without ceasing, seek Me with all of your hearts, and come before Me, for little time is left before The Trumpet Sounds.

Hear Me My People, and know that what I say must be done quickly and without delay, for The Blessed Hope that you have waited in ernest for is even at the door, and The Father Shall Say To The Son, that the time has come to bring The Bride home, to The Place That Has been prepared for Her, to be wed to The King Of Kings And The Lord Of Lords, that He might never be seperated from those that He Purchased With His Own Blood, ever again.

Whatever things that are unfinished, complete them. Go forth and warn all that you can, that the time of The End does approach, that He Who Died For The Sins Of Man even now waits for The Lost Of His House to return, for when I said so very long ago, " It Is Finished, " I completed all that had to be done so that He who would come unto Me, would I in no wise cast out, and I still stand even in this late hour with My Arms Open Wide, to receive Him who changes his mind, who turns from his sin, and invites Me to enter into That Temple Not Made By The Hand Of Man, that I might supp with him, and he with Me, for all of eternity.

Again I say unto you My People, make ready; prepare for your departure, which is nigh at hand, for I Come Quickly, And My Reward Is With Me. Take heed and understand what I Am saying, for the time is approaching, and is so much sooner than you can even imagine.

To The Glory Of My Father And Your Father have I spoken these words of urgency unto you, and I will fulfill all that I have spoken unto you, as you now wait before My Face, in this very late hour of My Choosing.



Given with the utmost of urgency this 4th Day Of July, 1997 by  The Holy Spirit, to His Servant, David Heischman, unto God Be All The Glory Forever And Ever, Amen.


July 3, 1997

Nurses flee Montserrat, saying volcano is too dangerous

OLD TOWNE, Montserrat

(AP) -- Declaring that a deadly volcano has made Montserrat too dangerous, more than half the nurses working on the Caribbean island announced Thursday they are leaving for Britain.

For months, nurses have been complaining about conditions at a makeshift hospital, and last week's carnage apparently proved too much for them. Seven people were killed and eight injured in the June 25 avalanche of rocks, ash and gas, authorities said Wednesday, revising their previous death toll of nine dead. Between 17 and 23 people remain missing. 

June 23, 1997


Chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Authority Abu Alla told an Arabic-language newspaper that the confrontations of the last few days in Hebron will continue to spread gradually to other areas of Judea and Samaria. He said that an explosion is bound to come, "and when it comes, anything can happen... The crisis and explosion are inevitable. But this time the explosion will be different than the other times."

Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa, in an interview with (Israeli) Army Radio today, said, "As long as the bulldozers are working in Har Homa and the settlements, there is no chance for the peace talks to resume." {ARUTZ 7 6/22 H}


Syria is building secret fortification sites for ballistic missiles. Apparently, the Syrians have been building missile launching sites over the past few months, and they are speeding up their development of chemical warfare heads.

Senior Defense advisor Maj.-Gen. David Ivri has called the Syrian missile plan "Israel's number one strategic threat." In the estimation of Israeli military experts, Syria assumes that Israel presently has no deterrent against the missile threat. {ARUTZ 7, YEDIOT AHARONOT 6/22 H}


Yehuda Etzion, who was convicted of being connected to a plan to bomb the Temple Mount mosques in 1985, is organizing "training" in sacrificial slaughter towards the construction of the Third Temple.

Etzion and members of his group slaughtered a lamb this week, sectioned it, and burned it in the presence of hundreds of onlookers in the Carmi Tzur settlement located in the Hebron hills.

The three hour-long ceremony was filmed by a television crew from the CTV, an independent Canadian network, as part of an item on the spread of messianic tendencies in Israel.

In an interview with CTV reporter in Israel, Dinah Louis, Etzion stated "The mosque is the wrong structure in the wrong place."

Etzion claimed further that "there is a mass movement gathering momentum of Jews who are returning to the Temple Mount - in order to be there, to pray there, and also - as we believe - in order to offer sacrifices to the God of Israel."

The sacrifice this week was the second in Etzion's "training" series. The first sacrifice took place on Passover eve in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor. {HAARETZ 6/20 C} 

June 22, 1997

Given to His Servant David Heischman, this 22nd Day of June, 1997

by The Spirit Of The Lord, to Him Be Glory And Honor, Forever And Ever.

My People, Surely do you now stand in the footsteps of the final seconds of time, before I come in The Clouds of Glory. Make preparation My People; search your hearts and go to the empty and hurting of the nations, and sound the trumpet of warning, for what I now say must be done with the utmost urgency.

Does not My Word say unto you that when The Gospel shall be preached unto all nations, then the end shall come? The time of that happening is so much shorter than you can imagine, therefore, go as I have commanded you, tell The Good News Of The Kingdom Of God unto the lost. Be about The Business Of My Father And Your Father.

A great battle is being fought in the heavenlies for the souls of men, but none of the souls that My Father has given unto Me shall be lost, for I now gather them from the four winds of The Earth. I now seek The Lost of My House, and I have given you the privilege of going unto them to tell them of My Mercy And My Forgiveness. I died for them upon My Cross Of Suffering, and I shed My Own Blood, and placed That Blood upon The Mercy Seat Of God, that all who would come to Me, and accept My Blood for their atonement, would be given My Free Gift Of Eternal Life.

Look around you My People, for what signs remain that I have not already told you of in My Word? Do the hearts of men not fail them for the things that come upon The Earth? Are there not earthquakes in many places? Are there not famines and pestilences? Are there not wars and rumors of wars?

There is so little time left My People until The Trump Of God is sounded, and when I come for you, will I find you busy and about My Father's Business?

I have given unto you My Word, and I have sent The Comforter, even the Spirit Of Truth unto you, that you might be filled with The Abundance Of My Spirit. Do not resist The Call Of My Spirit, but surrender unto My Perfect Will And Purpose, be dead unto this present world, but alive unto Me, through the infilling of My Spirit.

Seek My Face, Oh People Of God; turn from the sins that so easily beset you, humble yourselves in The Sight Of A Holy God, pray without ceasing, then shall you hear from Heaven, and I shall forgive your sins and surely will I heal your land. Be busy My People, for there is no time left to slumber and sleep, for the end of this age is even now at your doorstep, and the midnight hour is about to strike, and then shall My People behold Their King, as He stands before them in All Of His Glory.

I have gone before you My People to make the crooked places straight, and I have prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies, therefore, as I stretch My Hand upon you, go in confidence that I, The Lord Of Glory Am both with you and in you, and I will be with you this day and always, as I come quickly for My People, to take them to the place that I have prepared for them, that they might behold My Glory forever and ever.

Amen and Amen, To The Glory Of My Father,

The Lord Jesus Christ

Given to His Servant David Heischman, this 22nd Day of June, 1997 by The Spirit Of The Lord, to Him Be Glory And Honor, Forever And Ever. 

June 17, 1997

Doctors wary after change to hantavirus

Outbreak traveled person to person

June 16, 1997
Web posted at: 7:03 p.m. EDT (2303 GMT) 

ATLANTA (AP) -- A hantavirus outbreak killed 11 people and sickened nine others in Argentina last year in the first known case in which the respiratory illness was spread from person to person, U.S. health officials say.

Scientists previously thought hantavirus pulmonary syndrome could sicken people only if they inhaled microscopic bits of rat droppings.

No cases of person-to-person transmission have been documented in the United States, where the viral strain that causes respiratory illness was first identified in 1993. Some U.S. experts said there is no reason for panic yet.

"We are hoping physicians will be looking for this," said Dr. C.J. Peters, chief of the special pathogens branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "We also will be looking for this in our central registry of cases."

Hantaviruses are a family of viruses named for the Hantaan River in Korea, where the first strain was discovered decades ago. That strain infected about 3,000 American soldiers during the Korean War, killing 190 by destroying their kidneys.

There are dozens of strains throughout the world, but none of them until now have shown they could spread from person to person, Peters said. 

June 13, 1997

Subject: Our Lady of Emmitsburg message on 06/12/97 Date: Fri, 13 Jun 97 15:13:35 +0000 From: Gary Lienesch <[email protected]>

Our Lady's Message Through Gianna Talone Sullivan at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Emmitsburg, MD

June 12, 1997

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, pray with all your strength and hearts for the many people who suffer from abuse. If people cannot love and respect their children, family members and own spouses, how can they respect any aspect of life, their neighbors and other people of different cultures? If respect for life and love of family members are neglected, it is not possible to love or respect anyone.

This presents a threat to your very existence. If people cannot preserve the dignity of life, then life will cease to exist from the very hands of its own enemies. God will not allow this destruction of life to continue, life which He created.

My Son gave His life to save you and all of mankind. Unless prayer, penance and fasting is done in reparation for the many outrages against His Most Sacred Heart, this world will suffer tremendously from its lack of gratitude, pompous righteousness and lack of mercy. People who are not interested in hearing the words of mercy and love now will crave to hear them later, but will not because it will be too late.

Pray, little children, and please heed My request. The hour glass is no longer half full. God will not allow His children to suffer much longer at the hands of the enemy. My Son is returning and His angels will soon be released to gather His faithful to safety and destroy evil so that peace will reign once again. I bless you, little children, in the name of Jesus, your only Savior. I thank Him for allowing Me to be here with you in this special way. Peace to you. Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.

Message 161 

June 11, 1997

11-Jun-97 -- EWTN News Brief



WASHINGTON, DC (CWN) - The Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on the Near East and South Asia heard testimony on Tuesday concerning religious persecution overseas and the United States' response.

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, chairman of the subcommittee, said the testimony proves the need for Americans to be aware of and speak out against the growing wave of religious persecution, especially in the areas overseen by/the panel. Witnesses, some masked to protect their families from persecution, said persecution goes beyond denial of the right to worship to include torture, murder, and imprisonment.

Former Education Secretary William Bennett of the group Empower America told the senators that the worst offenders include China, Cuba, Egypt, Laos, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. "We are not talking about persecution as many Americans think of it, as ... unfavorable news coverage or ridicule of conservative Christians. We are talking about unspeakable acts of horror, including the imprisonment, slavery, starvation, torture and murder of many thousands of people," he said. 

June 10, 1997


IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt. Gen. Amnon Lipkin Shahak says there has been a turn for the worse in Syria and there is talk in Damascus for preparations for a surprise attack. Speaking in New York, Shahak said the Syrians have not done anything to change the status quo on the ground, however.

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai called on Syrian president Hafetz al-Assad to find a way to establish dialogue with Israel that would bring peace and bring an end to a life with fear of war.

A diplomatic source in Jerusalem said he is convinced Syria is committed to renew negotiations with Israel but messages relayed recently from Syria do not indicate a moderating Syrian position.{KOL ISRAEL 6/10 H} 

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