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August 31, 1997

Prophecy, #111); The Deliverance:

So says the word of the Lord of all. Say to the earth, that is, say to the people of this world, I have the answer, it is Jesus of Nazareth. He is the one who can save. Let them know that the world is on a path of destruction.

It will end in all of the wrath of God coming upon it. BUT there is an answer to this. This Jesus, His blood shed to the redemption of sin to all who would listen, obey, repent,  confess, that He is Lord of all, and then they would be delivered from this sinful, earthly ways. Let it be known throughout the whole earth that Jesus is Lord of all!!

Thomas S. Gibson [email protected]

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August 30, 1997

Received from Jim Bramlett

"Yesterday, August 27, I received in the mail a copy of a letter and 32-page paper from a man in London, England, Ola Ilori. He said he believes the Lord has shown him that the rapture will be on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), October 11, 1997.

Ola says he began to seek the Lord with much seriousness in January 1997.  He would spend more than eight hours a day reading the Word, plus three hours praying. Not hearing from the Lord, in April he decided to fast, going without food for ten days, remaining on his knees from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., praying in the Spirit. Finally, on April 19th, "the peace of God flooded my heart and He began to speak into my mind. He told me if I would humble myself, He would lead me day by day into His perfect will for me. I then asked Him to confirm what He was saying to me through my wife. In less than ten minutes, my wife came to join me and told me exactly the same thing the Lord said."

He says, "the rapture of the saints was the last thing on my mind when I began to seek God. Also, all that the Lord was revealing to me did not agree with what I had been taught in the past." However, by July he began writing his revelation of the October 11 rapture date in his paper titled, "1997 Countdown."

In addition to the rapture on the Day of Atonement, he believes the Church Age will end on October 1, 1997, and on the next day, October 2, which is Rosh Hoshshana and the Feast of Trumpets, "Jesus by His Spirit will move believers all over the world to pray for salvation from the wrath of God.  Mankind will be given ten days to repent or perish."

Commentary/ Speculation:

Could the event that is described above to occur on October 2 be the Warning of Garabandal?

August 29, 1997


Jesus said: "My people, I am calling on all of My evangelists at this time to be "...fishers of men...," as I called My Apostles to preach to all the nations.

What you are seeing are the poor souls immersed in their sin, whom you must go and catch to bring them to My Kingdom.

The harvest of souls is much, but there are few willing to go out into the byroads to deliver My message of saving their souls. All of those souls being converted and brought to Me now, have been given a great privilege of grace in this evil age.

See the URGENCY in My request to save as many souls as possible at this time, because soon the time for conversion will be LOST.



Those, fuse Me or are lukewarm without any roots, will be cast into the fiery furnace of Hell FOREVER.

WAKE UP, My people, and come to your Master Who awaits to lift all of your burdens. Suffer for Me now, or you will suffer even more in vain for those who will be lost."

August 25, 1997

Peace to All! Below is the official English translation of Our Lady's Monthly Message of 08/25/97 provided by the Information Center in Medjugorje.

(Source: Steve and Ana Shawl )

"Dear children! God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages. That is why, little children, live all of the words which I have given you through this time of grace and renew prayer, until prayer becomes a joy for you. Especially, I call all those who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart to become an example to others.  I call all priests and religious brothers and sisters to pray the rosary and to teach others to pray. The rosary, little children, is especially dear to me. Through the rosary open your heart to me and I am able to help you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

August 20, 1997

Scientists: Brace for a severe El Nino winter

Rain, storms in California, western South America

(CNN) -- Translated from Spanish, the phrase El Nino -- the name given to a weather phenomenon now occurring in the Pacific Ocean -- means "the little one" or, since it occurs around Christmastime, "the Christ child."

But the damage it can cause is far from little.

During an earlier episode in August 1983, high winds and heavy rains in the Arizona desert flooded homes, turned streets into streams and toppled power lines. Storms that winter destroyed 33 oceanfront homes in California.

Already this year, record snowfall in the Peruvian Andes forced the government to declare a national emergency in parts of the country.

And scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego warned Wednesday that precipitation patterns could be severely disrupted this winter in many parts of the United States.

New predictions from both government and private scientists say the latest El Nino could be severe one.

August 18, 1997


Jesus said: "My people, soon My angels will sound the trumpets of the last days. At that time ALL THAT HAS BEEN FORETOLD IN THE SCRIPTURES WILL COME TO PASS. Even though these days may seem fearsome, rest in your spirit that I will deliver My faithful through your trials.

Just as man has used his weapons to make war, I will beat these weapons into things of peace to make all men aware of My Love. You will live to see My day when all the evil before you will be wiped away. Have faith and trust in Me that whatever has been foretold by My Word will be fulfilled.

Heaven is announcing for you to PREPARE at this time, FOR ALL OF THESE EVENTS ARE ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE."


Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you the comet of the Great Chastisement. It is already directed toward earth and it will not be changed from its orbit. It will not be long and you will hear of its discovery. At first it will be kept secret for not raising fear among the people. The information will be leaked out, as the military will try to destroy it. I have shown you before that My angels will deflect any attempts to destroy it.

Do NOT be fearful, My children, but be in preparation. Those in the caves would be most protected. This is the instrument that I will use to thwart Satan of his brief reign. Continue to prepare spiritually, for you know not the time I will call you home to Me."

August 17, 1997

Montserrat begins voluntary evacuation of residentsAsh

Officials fear volcano will erupt again

August 16, 1997
Web posted at: 10:21 p.m. EDT (0221 GMT)

SALEM, Montserrat (AP) -- Citing an increased threat of a volcanic eruption, authorities expanded the off-limits zone on this Caribbean island Saturday and offered a voluntary evacuation package for residents.

August 16, 1997


The Iranian paper Al Keyhan announces that Iran is "opening its doors" to dialogue with the West, and that the new regime "stretches out its hand in peace" to all of the nations in the region. There is no other reference to Israel in this item.

The same paper reports that Iran is conducting joint military maneuvers with Syria and Iraq in order to strengthen the front against Israel. Iran has also renewed its airlift of weapons to Sudan, as well as increasing manpower there, and the same in southern Lebanon. Syria and Iran have also signed an agreement that the latter will come to the aid of Syria in case of an Israeli attack. All this together with the "arm outstretched in peace..." {YEHOSHUA MEIRI 8/15 H}


Arafat defiant over Israeli demands

'We reject any dictates'

August 16, 1997 Web posted at: 11:35 a.m. EDT (1535 GMT)

NABLUS, West Bank (CNN) -- Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat once again   rejected Israeli demands for a crackdown on   militants Saturday, and accused the Israeli government of stealing money from the Palestinians.

Arafat planned to convene national unity talks Wednesday with domestic opponents of his peace deals with Israel. But an aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described that plan as "appeasement of terrorism."

"We reject any dictates or any conditions," Arafat told reporters in the West Bank town of Nablus when asked about Netanyahu's demand that Arafat show a 100 percent commitment to fighting terrorism.

"He (Netanyahu) should learn from others and know who the Palestinian people are. He should know who he is talking to," Arafat said.

Netanyahu ordered a closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the deadly July 30 bombings in a Jerusalem fruit and vegetable market.

August 12, 1997

Tisha B'Av

(IINS News Service -Israel-8/11-GPO) Tisha B'Av -- "the Ninth of the Hebrew month of Av" -- takes place this year between sunset on Monday, August 11, and sunset on Tuesday, August 12. Tisha B'Av, a somber and mournful day, commemorates several disasters which befell the Jewish people throughout their history on this day. The most important of these were the destruction of both the First Temple (by the Babylonians in 586 BCE) and the Second Temple (by the Romans in 70 CE). The fortress of Betar, the last center of active Jewish resistance in the Bar Kochba Revolt, fell to the Romans on the ninth of Av in 135 CE. In 1492, the edict expelling the Jews from Spain took effect on the ninth of Av.

Jewish tradition has it that the incident described in Numbers 13:25-14:38 -- in which God declared that the Children of Israel would wander in the desert for 40 years, for having despaired of entering the Land of Israel and wishing, instead, to return to Egypt -- occurred on the ninth of Av, prompting God to decree that day as a day of calamity throughout Jewish history.


It's Time for the Perseids

Late on the night of Monday, August 11th, the annual Perseid meteor shower should reach its peak. Arriving from the direction of the constellation Perseus (the shower's radiant point), the meteor our upper atmosphere at a speed of 60 kilometers per second, vaporizing and creating a brief trail of ionized, glowing air. This year the first-quarter Moon will be in the evening sky. But the Moon sets around the middle of the night, leaving the sky at its darkest for the prime meteor-watching hours of early morning. Under ideal conditions you might see a Perseid or two each minute. According to the International Meteor Organization (IMO) the 1997 peak is expected to occur around 8:15 Universal Time, or 4:15 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, in the moonless hours when the Americas face right into the oncoming meteors. If it's cloudy Monday night, don't give up. Occasional Perseids will streak across the stars for several nights before and after. In fact you may see a lone Perseid or two on any night in early and mid-August. For more information, see SKY Online's Meteor Page.

August 7, 1997


There are signs of a strengthening in the Arabs' "eastern front" against Israel, with improvement in bilateral and multilateral relations between Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Palestinian Authority.

Early last month, THE JERUSALEM POST quoted Israeli security officials as warning of a new anti-Israel "eastern front" of Syria, Iran, Iraq and the PA.

Developments include:

* A secret meeting between PLO chairman Yasser Arafat and Iraqi officials during a visit by Arafat to Amman this week.

* The decision to open a border entry point between Syria and Iraq, the two former Gulf War enemies, in a month's time. The border has been officially closed for the past 10 years. UN inspectors will be stationed there, in a bid to ensure only "humanitarian" supplies move through the post.

* Syrian President Hafez el-Assad's high-profile presence at the swearing-in ceremony of Iran's new president, Mohammed Khatami. During Assad's visit to Iran, the countries issued a joint statement on August 1 urging Turkey to reconsider its military cooperation with Israel. "Iran and Syria called for an end to Israeli occupation of all Arab lands, including the Golan Heights, southern Lebanon, and Palestinian territories [and voiced support for] the struggle by the Lebanese Islamic and national forces to liberate the territories occupied by Israel."

* JOUMHOURI ISLAMI reported that Assad's visit to Tehran was "a Syrian response to American-Zionist pressure to force the Arab nations to make many concession without any compensation. Syria knows that Iran is the only country which can face the American  -Zionist threats and schemes in the region and the world." (TEHRAN RADIO, August 2)

* Ominously, the Iranian IBRAR also asserted that "Iranian-Syrian and Iranian-Iraqi cooperation can be the basis for a larger system which would include coordination with Sudan, Libya and other nations. This group can face the Zionist challenge and change the balance of power in the region in the favour of Islam. "Israeli-Turkish military cooperation, signs of Turkish plans to seize territory from Iran and the Knesset Golan decision can only be faced by a Damascus-Teheran axis. These developments threaten the security of Syria, Iran, Iraq and other countries in the region." (TEHRAN RADIO, August 2)

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