Bringing the World to Jesus


William Zambrano MD Ophthalmologist Age 39 [email protected]
Jim Vogel Student Age 14 [email protected]
Michael Lambert Marine Lieutenant Age 25 [email protected]
Laquita Armstrong Social Worker Age 61 [email protected]
Name Withheld Wife and Mother Age 42 [email protected]
Dr. Richard F. Hubbell Professor Age 48 [email protected]
Barbara Zambrano Administrator Age 34 [email protected]
Selenia C. Gregory Translator Age 36 [email protected]
Jim Collins Accountant Age 48 [email protected]
Kelvin Chia Lawyer Age 29 [email protected]om.sg
Rick Ricciardi Corrective Action Coordinator
Age 46
[email protected]
Dave Armstrong Writer Age 40 [email protected]
Maria Bryan Housewife Age 40  [email protected]
Pat Na`ea Life Insurance Sales and Service
Age 60
[email protected]
Bill Schwahn Commercial Printer Age 39 [email protected]
Sr. Marie, OSF Catholic Sister Age 31 [email protected]
David J. Sheehan Accountant Age 46 [email protected]
Barbara L. Cavanagh Secretary/Supervisor Age 64 [email protected]
Daryl Melton Technical Director Age 52 [email protected]
Linda J. Handel Wife and Mother Age 37 [email protected]
Michael J. Coppi Disabled Age 39 [email protected]
Steve Merten Truck Driver Age 41 [email protected]
"Therese" Wife and Mother Age 33 [email protected]
Oceana Broussard Wife and Mother Age 53 [email protected]
Mary Jane Keppler Factory Worker Age 50 [email protected]
Dennis M. DeLaurier Technical Writer Age 57 [email protected]
Tony Valek Retired Educator/Cattle Rancher Age 64 [email protected]
Michaele L. LePage Medical Transcriber Age 33 [email protected]
RBAnthony, CSAP Lay Brother Age 53 [email protected]
Louis P Bauer, Ph.D. Christian Clinical Hypnotherapist Age 67 [email protected]
Frances Killen Retired Teacher Age 57 [email protected]
Bill Rogers
Lead Bookseller at Barnes & Noble
Age 33
[email protected]
Nancy V.
Wife, Mother, and servant of our Lord
Age 54
[email protected]
Computer Engineer
Age 29
[email protected]
Senior Manager-
Aviation Industry
Age 46
[email protected]
David Beutel
Age 25
[email protected]a.net
Father Ronald Stanley, O.P.
Age 61
[email protected]
Marlynn La Sala
Age 57
[email protected]
Thomas Danforth
Age 17
[email protected]
Tina Klein
Wife/Mother & Sales Associate
Age 26
[email protected]
Becky Lenihan
Age 19
[email protected]
Belinda Padua
Age 29
[email protected]
Pauline Cole
Age 57
[email protected]
Fabienne Guerrero
Lay Missionary Age 44
[email protected] 
Christina Maria Wife, Mother, and Renewed in Spirit Age 51 journeyofthewounded [email protected]

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