I had been a non-practicing Methodist all my adult life until January 12, 1996. I had driven by this little Italian Mission church hundreds of times before but on this particular day I felt the Holy Spirit drawing me to it. I went home and called the rectory and told the secretary that I wanted to become Catholic. The priest was out of town and I was told to call back on Friday. I forgot to do so. About 7:30p.m. Friday evening the phone rang. It was the priest from San Francesco Church. He made an appointment for me to start classes on Monday, January 15th. When I entered the rectory, I felt so at ease.

After five months of classes, which my husband, Peter, who was a non-practicing Catholic, attended with me, I became a Catholic, receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion, and the blessing of our marriage (of 31 yrs.). My baptism counted from before. I made my Confirmation a year later. I also made my Consecration to the Blessed Mary, Mother of God, in April of 1997. Then all the wonderful miracles began to happen to me. I will only relate a couple of them because they are many.

The first miracle happened one morning as I was backing into a parking place at church. It was winter and naturally the windows were closed tightly. Suddenly, the entire car was enveloped with the sweetest smell of roses. Tears immediately swelled in my eyes and I started crying tears of joy. Sensing and knowing at the same time, that it was the Blessed Mother Mary. The scent of roses remained with me for fifteen minutes. I told my new found friends in Christ and they were not surprised.

Another wonderful miracle happened as I was praying in the back pew of the church. A lone rose petal floated out of thin air, in front of me and landed by my feet. I was stunned. I looked all around me but no one was in the church except me, in the back of the church and a gentlemen, sitting in the front of the church. It was 7:15 a.m.( Starting September 1996 I began coming to church at 6:00a.m. every morning to pray until Mass started at 8:00a.m.) some of the parishioners had started to come in and I related what had happened to them. They suggested that I tell my priest, which I immediately did. The priest stated," Marlynn, I can't declare this a miracle, the church has to",. I said ,"Father, you don't have to, I know that it is a miracle". I cried softly all during Mass, realizing that Saint Theresa has sent me a rose. I have this rose petal in a clear plastic case with all the pertinent information.

So, you see, Dr. Zambrano, I have fallen "in-love" with Jesus and my love for Him grows stronger and deeper each day. There have been so many wonderful miracle granted to me and I thank God everyday for having "pulled" me back into His bosom. And a special mention of my husband at this point, to tell you that he is a lector on Saturday evenings. God sure works in mysterious ways and I love Him for it!

Marlynn La Sala

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