Hello, My name is Dennis DeLaurier, and I have been a Catholic all my life. Note that I did not say I was a good Catholic all my life. I can imagine that I have all my French Relatives to thank for my faith, but I must give Mary the Mother of my Savior credit for my reconciliation which took place over two years ago.

I now feel very comfortable being a Catholic. One of the things I like most about being Catholic is that I have Christ available to me every day in the form of the Eucharist. This is the real treasure of the Catholic Church. Another nice thing about being Catholic is that my faith has been mapped out for me. I have many wonderful Protestant brothers, and the one thing that I notice the most is that there are so many different versions of the same religion. As I said, all of this is mapped out for me in the Catholic Catechism. Another wonderful source of grace available to Catholics is Confession. This is a hard nut for a lot of people to get over, but I truly believe what Christ said to His Apostles about the forgiveness of sins. As a very bad Catholic, I spent about forty years running from this most wonderful source of grace. When I finally realized that I was worthy of hell, and that my only hope was my Savior Jesus Christ, did I seek out the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I can now look you in the face and tell you that I am a sinner, and that any good thing that comes from me is not mine, but came from God our Father who has blessed me with His love. That God the Father is my very essence, and I will never be happy until I return to Him in eternity.

A sinners Confession and Return to the Light

I have been and was the greatest sinner of all. That may be startling to those who know me, but I can assure you that is a fact. How can this be so? Surly Hitler was more of a sinner than I? Yes, Hitler was a most wicked and evil man, but even he did not sin like I have. The difference between Hitler and myself is that Hitler did not know God. Yes, he may have known and understood the concept of God and completely rejected it, but probably nothing more. I on the other hand, I have known God and His many blessings. I have rested in His arms and known His goodness. I have been Baptized, and have received Confirmation, and received Gods forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. This is what separates me from Hitler and his evil acts. Both of us are as far apart as one could conceive, but I am much worse, as I have known all these things about my most loving Creator, and turned away from Him in sin. What a great payment is due for these sins, as I have received all, but rejected it. I understood it, but gave into my will, not Gods. I am almost sure that Hitler never knew God, or had thanked Him for all he had, and had rested in His arms. That is the real difference between us both. Being a member of the mystical body of Christ, all of us have a responsibility not to sin, for sin is a great offense not only to God and His Son, but an offence to all its members. It is like telling everyone that you do not care. I am sure that Hitler was never a member of the mystical body of Christ. Please notice at the start, that I said that I had been, and was the greatest sinner, as I have left that behind me, but only with God's help.

It was almost five years ago that I started on a long and painful path back to my Creator. It all started when I was in the third grade. I was taking Altar Boy instructions, and learning all the Latin that would be required of me in the celebration of Mass. From all the years I was an Altar Boy, I can remember one great moment as I kneeled before the altar as the Priest conducted Mass. In one great moment of kindness, I knew that God really loved that little child dressed in his server's garb and kneeling at that altar. In that moment, I said “I Love you too Father”. This moment was stuck some place deep in my memory. It disappeared and was covered up by the world. It was covered up by my sinful life, as I decided that my way was a much better way. What fun it would be to always do what I wanted, as I was the captain of my ship and heading for any place that pleased me. What a great world this is, as I get to play in it and shape it into what I wanted. As I removed myself even more from that little boy kneeling on the altar of God, telling Him that I loved Him those words became softer and softer until they completely disappeared, never to be spoken again like a child can only say them.

As I look back on this part of my young life, great sorrow swells up in me, as I see the great loss of Gods love that was completely blocked out of my life. Who knows what things have been lost, as I lost myself? What good has been lost, how many people did I ignore, never seeing the eyes of Jesus when I looked at them? I am sure that when I must face my God I will be told the consequences of my actions. A child should love God with a simple love. How wonderful it would be if we could keep this even as adults. The words of Jesus haunt me when I look at my early years. “You must be like these to enter into the kingdom of God” are words that all of us must ponder. As I sadly looked at what I was, and what I had become, I quickly saw that I was not worthy to inter into the kingdom of God, for I had lost my innocence.

Please pardon me if all of this seems a little bit depressing, but I wonder how many of us have suffered the same way. Loosing our innocence to the world, only to look back and yearn for the way we had been. It's so easy to choose what pleases us, and from there it is an easy step to choose what displeases God. All of it feels so natural, and anything that feels good must be okay. This simple little error can lead to a life just like mine was, filled with only my wants and desires.

Hope and eternity

There is hope though, and it is possible to go back and relive those moments, and discover your self once more. Through the grace of God, you must believe and desire to know that you are a “Child of God”. Yes, you are a child of your mother and father, but you are a spiritual child of God, and even more wonderful is that you will “Live forever”. Your body that your mother and father gave you will some day turn back to dust, but your spiritual soul will never die. It will live on for eternity, and you must choose where you want to spend eternity. Your loving Creator is calling you to worship Him and spend eternity with Him, but because you have free will you can choose what you want, not what God wants. Choosing what you want can possibly eliminate an eternity of happiness.

Being a Child of God

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” (Gospel of St. Mark 10.15)

In the gospel of St. Mark, Jesus was very pleased with the children that had come to see Him, but they were scorned by the apostles for bothering Him. If you do not already know it, You were born as a child of God. No matter how educated or sophisticated you think you are, you are nothing but a small child before God, and it will do all of us good to keep this truth in our hearts. Knowing this truth of being a child has great meaning in this modern world, as the world and its great god science make us less and less important. Being a child and especially an unborn one is very dangerous. You can be eliminated as something not needed even before you are born. Obviously, people who have or approve of abortion do not in any form realize that they are a child of God.

Jesus calls us to be like the Father

As I look back on my life, it seems that I was intent on being a child of man than a child of God. We are all sons and daughters of Adam. And we all inherit our parents sins. You do not get to vote on this, as Adam and Eve did it for you. The sin of Adam was the sin of ego. Adam wished to have the knowledge that God had. But who is like unto God”? Obviously you and I are not, for the created can never be like the creator unless He wants you to be that way. Adam and most of us desire to be gods or god like and surly as Adam got it all wrong, most of us do to. Jesus invites us to become like the Father. Why would He do this if it were not possible? The problem with all of this as we want to do it our way. Obviously, you can never be like the Father unless you imitate and become one with the Son. I never really got any of this, as I was covered more and more by the glitter and false promises and smoke of this world, and as I progresses farther away from those child like manners and ways that Jesus so admires. As I lived my life as I wanted, I had forgotten these amazing things. To repeat them, they were:

I am a child of God
I will live forever
Jesus calls us to be like God the Father

For most of my life, I never thought that I had a calling from Jesus to be like the Father. If you had told me this in my thirties or forties, I may have even laughed. I would have thought that this was absurd, and I would have been right. In my spiritual state it would have been absurd. Is this some strange thought, or is it really possible. I would think that if Jesus calls us to be like His Father, then there must be some way that that is possible, but How? If you are thinking, “That's impossible”, then you have thought the right answer. It is impossible for you to be like God, unless you believe that with God, all things are possible.

We must first have the mind of Jesus

To think the thoughts of God, or for His ways to be your ways, you must become Christ like, and think as he thought. That's an impossible act and accomplishment except for one thing, and that it is only possible through the Holy Spirit. As I look back, the Holy Spirit was all around me, but I was a closed up vessel plowing the seas of my own ego. How lost I was, but still the Spirit was there. It knocked on my door every day. I can remember thanking God for my day, and as I look at those words, I see the problem, for it was my day, not His! My acts, words and deeds were not powered by the Spirit, as were the acts, words and deeds of Jesus. Indeed I can see what powered me, and it was my self-will. Such were those years as I drifted along, blown by the winds of my desire, oblivious that I was a child of God who would live forever, and that I was called by Jesus to be like His Father. Oh how lost I was, but did not know that I did not know I was lost.

We are sent from God

Why would our Author create us all from nothing, lay claim to us as His Child, give us a ever lasting soul and call us to be like Him if He did not have a mission for us all? In my fifties, thinking such a thought was impossible. The keys that had locked my soul and had been thrown away and I was sealed off from the Spirit. I had no idea that I was a unique child of God, and that I was as different from all other children He had created as there are snowflakes. I had been sent from God, but for what purpose? How could I ever know this purpose if I was blind? What was that purpose that I was sent? If I am to believe all that I have written at this point, then I must believe that I was sent to help Jesus carry out God the Fathers plan of salvation. You were created to spend eternity praising your creator from your own free will. The reward for that is that you get to share in all that God is. If you are a financial type, that is a very good return on your investment. In fact, if Adam and Eve had not sinned, then you would be enjoying this great gift at this very moment. Sorrowfully, that is not the way it turned out, and for that we must all face death. The first death is the death from our Parents (Edam and Eve) which is original sin. This sin removed us from a very happy place and placed a barrier between God and us. The second death was that we must all die. Along with all of this, we have the curse of unhappiness, sickness, disease, war and all that brings with it. As you can see, Adams sin had an effect on billions of his children. Little did I know, but as a sinner I could cause many of these same problems. If you are quick to judge God for all of this, be careful, as God never wanted any of this, as all this unhappiness is created by man, not your loving Father. Because of the sin of Adam, you were not even worthy of heaven until a loving God sent his only Son to become man. If that does not make you stand back and think, I am not sure what would. Surely you can see how important and wonderful you are to God? If you were not precious to him, and if you were not the best part of every thing God has ever done, would you expect such mercy and love? Surly you can see that, for it makes you a royal son of God through Jesus Christ. Yes, you are royalty as you are His son. That is why Jesus asks all of us to follow him. To see God in ourselves and each other as a most wonderful creation. You were born to be happy, but you can never be happy until you return to God. There is nothing that man has ever made that will give you complete happiness.

God made you and I from nothing

Think about that, as you drive down the freeway. If that is true, and it is, then the only thing you can use, as a reference is God. If you created a drawing, the drawing remains a drawing in our material world. You can touch and feel the things that make it. Things like paint, and the wood frame. But when God created your soul, it was from nothing. In effect you have no home except for that home that all people seek. A place where there is truth, rest, peace and especially happiness. In my middle fifties, I started searching for that home. Little did I know that it would take over five years to find it, and I was no longer in control as I had opened my heart to the Holy Spirit, and I would never be the same. Because God made me from nothing, I am because he wills it. A wonderful thing comes from being made by God, and that's that God never does any thing foolish, and he expects you to live a life that verifies each day that He made the right choice.

God needs you

Yea you say, how on earth or in heaven could God ever need you. The fact is that He does, and the reason is that He has willed it. What He needs from you is help in saving souls. Jesus lived over 2000 years ago. He was persecuted by the Jews, and finally killed by the Romans. Jesus now resides in Heaven with His Father, but he sent the Third Person of the Holy Trinity to be with us. What God needs from each of us it to become like Jesus. To do the walking, the talking and being a witness as Jesus did. To love, and witness the goodness of the Father. To help each other overcome our sins and the sin of Adam. Even working miracles like Peter and the apostles did. These things are possible if you only let the Spirit swell up inside and guide you. The gifts of the Holy Spirit were alive in Jesus. They can be alive in you if you only make yourself available. Jesus lived His life for the Father and through the Spirit. It almost seems impossible, but all of this is possible with you if you become like Jesus and do His work. Take great hope by looking at the apostles. If you look closely, you will see them all hiding in that room in Jerusalem. They were shaking and afraid. Peter had cursed and denied his Lord and Master three times. When they came for Jesus, most of them ran away. Thomas had to actually see the wounds of Jesus before he believed. Doe this sound like you and me? Can you see yourself there in that room afraid? I can, and I would still be there except for the Holy Spirit. Come Oh Holy Spirit Come!

Jesus is the vine, you are His fruit

What a blessing it is to be a Christian, and especially a Catholic, for we are all part of the Communion of Saints. In effect, this communion is the fruit of the vine that is Jesus. It should be obvious that there can be no fruit unless there is a vine, but what good is a vine without fruit? This is the answer to “what is the plan God has for me”, and why he needs me? You are called on to become one with Jesus and form the living, breathing Church. God needs you to make all this a success. You are made by God, You will live forever, You were sent by God to become like Christ and obtain the gift of salvation for yourself and all His children. Oh what a mighty task!

Sin destroys the branches and fruit on the vine.

The Father and the Son has called you to be sinless. Is that possible? Can you live a life without sin? The answer to that is that all of us have been sinners, but it is quite possible to refrain from sin, and be and stay in the state of grace. To be that way is not easy, for the world pulls at all of us, and requires that we make a stand every day. There is a flip side to almost every thing, and you must use your free will to make your choices. As I look back on my life, I can see all those choices, and many times I chose what was wrong, or I choose what was good but never followed through with it. As God has given me the great liberty of choosing, and directing my own ship of faith, I as the captain can not navigate the waters that Christ navigated unless I understand what this liberty means, and how I should use it. All of us have free will. You were created with it, and you can never loose it. From that free will comes the two sides of most things, and that is the good and just side, and the other is the side that leads all of us away from our Creator. To choose good and proper things requires the graces of God and the Holy Spirit. And even harder choice is to always execute that good and pure choice above all things. To follow through with our good choices and make them blossom as fruit on the vine. Is all this possible? The answer is almost a yes, but as you well know, it is not easy, as sin is always on a down hill slope. Once we walk on that slope, it becomes even more slippery. It is much easier to walk down hill than up, and as I look at my self with the eyes of God, I can see all these things in a stark, revealing black and white contrast of understanding. It can be summed up simply, always choose good, as sinful choices spit in the face of God Only in heaven will we be perfect in this regard, but now is a good time to practice it, and be open to the Holy Spirit.

I am a child of God, I will live forever, I have been sent by God, I should imitate Jesus and His Father, I was made from nothing, and finally God needs me to become like Jesus and be the fruit of his mystical body. In essence, that is the quest and reason for you ever being. It is the instructions that came with you at birth (Real men do read instructions!). For all this you and I were created. I almost cry when I think about all the years of my youth that I wasted, never knowing this. Oh my God, what a waste of a soul and your love!

How do we pay God back fully?

What is this, a man that can pay God back fully? You are so small, and powerless compared to God. How could you even think these thoughts? Can any reasonable person ever do this? Yes, Jesus could, but you, created with the sins of your parents, how could you ever pay back God? Just think about it. You were given eternal life. Eternal life is no shabby gift. God loved you before there was time, and knew your name. You were special to him, and he waited for the most perfect time to create you. God did not create you like the world, or the sky or the light. God created you with both of His hands. He did not just say let it be, as He did in creation of the world. No, God created you with both of His hands, as he blew life into with His Sacred breath. You were born special and you became a child of God. Through Jesus Christ, you are a son of God. You were different from all others, and your name was forever stored in the great mind of God. How could you ever repay Him even for this? Look at all the things God has given you as a human. You have eyes to see, you have ears to hear, and hands to touch.

With you eyes you can see a beautiful flower, or a smile on you spouses face or a most wonderful sunset or a foggy, foggy place.

With your ears you can hear music, hear the spoken words of love and hear nature as it happens, an ever-lasting gift of love.

With you hands you can feel texture and smooth a child's wanton cries, you can heal and love and create in a world so full of lies.

With your nose you can smell a piney forest, or a delicious apple pie.With you mind you can remember and see through God's own eyes.

Our God has held back nothing, He knows you by your name, how can you ever pay him back and ever be the same?

The answer lies in Jesus, we offer Him up to God, a truly Royal Treasure, and a ransom for a king.

Yes, the answer is that we must offer back the life, passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as payment. As a Catholic, you can do this continually in your life, and especially at Mass. The Mass is the most perfect payment for Gods love. Be careful that you just don't go to or attend Mass as I had for years. You must celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass as a minor priest. You must assist with all your love, you must be witness to it all. This great sacrifice can only happen when a priest is there to perform the same ritual that took place at the Last Supper. There, Jesus offered his body and blood as payment. In the Mass, the bread and wine mixed with water which symbolizes you being united with the blood of Christ is changed from simple wheat and simple wine into the body and blood of our Savior. What a most wonderful gift this is, for if we are minor priests in this great sacrifice, we are all giving God what He loves the most, His Son! Up on that altar, along with the wheat and wine should be your heart, tears, love, wants and needs. All of you should be there as it is all that you have to give. So when the priest offers up the body and blood of Jesus, He also offers you up with this most perfect gift. Doing so, you pay back God with his own gold, That coin of gold he gave you when He sent His Son.

Your Life should be like the Mass

Living a life of goodness is a problem for all of us. This world in which we must live at times seems to consume us. For many years this world was my vice as I lived and washed in it. It is not easy to live in this wold, and not be a part of it. If we fully realize that we are children of God, and that we have been sent to assist Jesus in the saving of souls, then we must learn to live our day-to-day activities in accordance with Gods will. In doing this, our lives should be a sacrifice, as every pain, every passion, every hurt or joy should be offered up to our Creator. In this manner and way of life, our lives become like the Mass, a sacrifice offered to God. In this way we waste nothing that we do or are. If you must suffer, then why waste it? Offering up your pains, hurts and frustrations to God turns them into your personal sacrifice, and fulfill Christ's call to take up your cross and follow Him. What a most wonderful gift this is, for it is from your very being, and as a son or daughter of the Father, it can only be pleasing, for He loves you with a great passion. How can a father or mother not love their children. It is the same for your heavenly Father who has a burning love for you.

We are called to participate in what Jesus Started

Reconciliation and Salvation are ongoing processes. These processes take a whole lifetime of action. Although Jesus won the war on death, and gained the gift of Salvation for the whole world, there is no guarantee that in the end we may possess that gift unless we are reconciled with God. We do that through Baptism, Conformation and the sacrament of Reconciliation. Through the graces of the Holy Spirit gained in Baptism and Conformation, we grow as Christians. As mature Christians, we need to live out the calling that God the Father has for each of us. Although the mission is the same, how we complete our missions are all quite different, as God has given us all a set of different skills. Some of can speak, some can heal, some have a large capacity for prayer, and we all can love. With these skills given to each of us, we must then participate in what Jesus started. That process is the saving of our own soul and those of others. If you cannot look into the eyes of others and feel compassion, or look into their eyes and see the eyes of Jesus, then you have wasted those skills. I wasted those skills for many years. It took an act of God for me to finally see what God sees in all of us. It took the graces of God for me to cry for some one else because of their state in life. Can you look a drug dealer in the eye? Can you look at some one who is so far from God and just cry? That is how God feels when he looks at a sinner or a simple person in need and who is lost. Yes it's easy to cry for your family or your children, but how about the whole world? This is what our Father is calling us to do. He wants you to love the whole world, and cry and care and love when it needs fixing. He wants you to see His child when you look at a waitress, a policeman, and every person you meet and see each day. When you do this, you will be seeing through Gods own eyes. How many times have you looked at someone and turned away? It's easy to look at some one well dressed, with a smile on their face, but how about the poor, or the unwashed with a frown of hate on their face? I spent many years just looking at what pleased me, and it is hard to do any different. When someone repulses me, I must remind my self that this is a child of God. That they were created just like I was, and that God loves them. Can we do any less?

We can only be successful when the Holy Spirit is in us

How lucky we are to live now, for we now know God much better than anyone who lived 2000 years ago. How lucky we are, for we can all make our selves available and be open to the Holy Spirit. How lucky we are to live now, and know the plan of God in our lives. Yes, people had the commandments before Jesus, but they had not experienced the results of His life, passion, death and His resurrection like we can. Jesus left this earth, but sent the Holy Spirit. There is one thing that can be said about the Holy Spirit and that is that if He does not dwell in your soul, and you are not His temple, then you are dead! You are dead, because there is nothing you can do that is pleasing to God. You can love and create great things. You can cure, and feed the hungry, you can be great and be a peacemaker. You can be all these things, but they will be for nothing unless you do them for God and through the Holy Spirit. What a most wonderful gift Jesus has sent, for with the Spirit we can be much stronger, taller and mightier that we could ever be by our selves. With the Spirit we can be meek, loving, kind, little and bold. We can cure the sick and read souls. We can convert just one person or millions. With the Spirit we can move mountains and melt hearts. With the Spirit we can love God with a deepness that can transform our lives and set us free beyond comprehension. What is all of this that I speak? They are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

With all that said, how does the Spirit live in your life? Before I received the great gift of faith, I was dead. My world was a world of the dead. You could see that I was dead because my fruits were not of the Spirit, but belonged to me. How many people realize that they walk in a dead godless world? Yes it can be pretty and exciting and fun, but what is the purpose? Just sit and listen to those around you as they complain and focus on their little worlds. What are their fruits, what are yours? Are they the fruits of humanity focused on self, or do they come from love and a desire to please our creator? God's world is infinite, mans world is a downward spiral that leads to Hell! Which world do you live in?

Where to from here?

Yes, knowledge is good, but what do you do with it? Will you place it in some part of your brain, later to be forgotten like I did? Hopefully you will see that understanding what and who you are and what your purpose is will set you free. Truth will set all of us free, and the truth is that God loves us more than we could ever generate in our small hearts. He created all of us for a purpose, and then brought us into being with a free will. Loving God with our free will is a most precious gift to God, as it is a gift of self. It is a gift that God wants from all His children, it is a gift that brings joy to God. Think about that. If you are married, think about how precious your spouses love is. Hopefully, you came to marriage with your own free will and give of yourself to your spouse freely. It is that same commitment and pure devotion that Gods wants from all of us.

What are the rewards?

In one word, the reward for giving God our selves out of free will is eternal happiness. It would be a futile task to explain what eternal happiness is, but it surely must be wonderful, as God wishes to share Himself with us. In this world it means that we can live in this world but not be a part of it. It means that we can start our eternity of happiness now. It means that we can live closer to our Creator and Savior. It means that we have the ability to be a blessing to all those we meet. It means we can all be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It means we can continue the great task of Salvation started when God the Father sent His own Son Jesus. It means we can die on the cross with Jesus, and there-by saving many souls from Hell. Surely these are things than no normal person could do, but you are not normal, you are a Son or Daughter of God, you will live forever and you have been sent for a purpose.

Oh what a great and wonderful thing it is to be a child of God!

God's happiness depends on you and I

If all of the following has your head spinning, it even gets better. You just thought you were a number or a little bug scurrying around on this world. There is no god, and what you are will be over when you are dead. All of us, and what we see are just a random act of nature that played out over billions of years to what we are today. Never mind that you can understand and react with your environment, and that your mind is made up of many millions of neurons, all connected so that we may remember and think. Even less important is that we can love and care and create. The incredible beauty of a newborn child with its perfect hands, fingers and feet just happened you see. All of this is what our godless brothers and sisters would have us believe. But let's get back to what I started this paragraph with. Are the words blasphemous? How could Gods happiness depend on you and I? The fact is that when God created you and I, He held back nothing. You as His son and daughter are His ultimate creation. Yes, I know we are sinners, but that is not what God wanted and planned for us. If you think that you are some lowly sinner swimming in a pit of seething sin on a world we call earth, then you would be right. But ask yourself, why would God sent His own Son to spill His blood for you if God did not need and want you? Why such a high payment? Why so much love? Why even create man? Surly HE would have been much happier not having to put up with us. Just look around in the world and what do you see? A world filled with hate and sin. Surly this pains our Father.

The fact is that God is love, and He wants to share this love with you!

What if you had so much love and had no one to give it to? In essence, that is why God created all of us. The thinkers will tell you that God needs no one. That He is perfect, and because of this does not need you. They are right in one way, but wrong in another. A perfect and loving God would want to share this infinite amount of love. In effect, the Holy trinity has placed their happiness in your hands! You with your free will can take what was placed there in your soul at creation, at Baptism, and finally at Conformation and completely reject it. You with your free will can tell your infinite God to leave your soul. In essence you can reject God. As you can see, God has placed Himself in your hands. He in essence is placing His happiness in your hands. Why would He do this? The reason we have already discussed. God receives great pleasure from a soul that loves Him out of their free will!

Conclusion and Challenge

What can we do with all of this? Are we to be Royal sons and daughters of God? You are a child of God. You will live forever. God sent you for a purpose. We are to become like Jesus. Jesus wants us to be like the Father. We are all members of the Mystical Body of Christ. Our purpose in our (physical) life is to save others, and ourselves. Our ultimate fate is to return to the Father or spend an eternity away from Him. You and I can effect Gods happiness. God is greatly pleased by a soul that loves and worships Him from free will. Can you imagine what this earth would be like if everyone would understand the above? Now that we realize what we really are and what our purpose is, what will we do with it? Knowing all of this give each of us a great power. It is my fondest wish that all who read this most imperfect confession of my faith will be inspired and realize how precious we are to God, and take up the great challenge that God has placed before all of us. Walk among the living dead, but walk as a Doctor, as you have the knowledge and power to bring them back to life. That power and knowledge is Jesus Christ!

Praise be His name forever!

May the Lord bless you and send His Spirit.

Dennis Martin DeLaurier

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