Being born and raised a Roman Catholic by my family, I always thought that my

Catholic religion was the "correct" faith. I accepted all I was taught by my family and

never questioned my faith.

I married my one and only boyfriend (William Zambrano MD) in 1981. We grew up

together as neighbors and he's been the only love of my life. Not only did God Bless me

with my husband, but also with a daughter, Barbara Angela born 1984 and son, William

born 1986.

In 1989, I enrolled my children in CCD classes to prepare them for their Holy

Communion. I became a CCD teacher and began to love it immediately. I was so

rewarded by giving the children the opportunity to learn about God, Jesus Christ and the

Roman Catholic faith. As each year went by, I learned more on why I was Catholic.

On July 8, 1990, my devoted, wonderful, so loving grandmother passed away.

Although I knew she was with God, I selfishly would not accept her death. I missed her

dearly! I felt such pain. With time, much prayer and with her tender, beautiful words

from Heaven, which I would often hear, I began to accept death. My prayers intensified.

It was as if my communication with God became better and clearer. I began to feel I was

getting more out of my Sunday masses. I felt renewed and felt more of God in me. I have

always said that God does all things for good reason. And now I knew that my beloved

grandmothers' death was so that I would get closer to God.

My grandmothers' death also had a similar impact on my husband. (please read his

testimony) He became much closer to God and began to learn of our Catholic faith even

more. I saw him grow and grow and grow in his love for God and Jesus. He began to go

to daily mass and his prayers were glorious. At first, I must admit that I thought it was a

bit much. I did not object to his frequent mass attendance or prayers; I just did not

understand the need.

So in February, 1996, God called me! God lead me to weekday masses and rosaries.

Prayers became even more intense. I felt God was hearing me and understanding me.

And I really felt God in my life, much more so than in my grandmothers' death. I asked

God to open my heart to fully understand Him and love Him. I wanted to be devoted to

Him and Jesus Christ.

God has answered my prayers! I have a much stronger faith. I believe my faith is

growing daily. God used my grandmother and my husband to bring me closer to Him. I

now cannot miss a daily mass without feeling guilty. I feel so close to God being in His

house. I need to have Jesus in me daily. My prayers are most powerful when I pray in

church. I feel at "home". I thank God over and over again in being patient with me. And

I still ask God in my prayers to know Him better...and love Him even more.


Mrs. Barbara Zambrano

May 16, 1998 (Happy Birthday Honey, I LOVE YOU:):):)

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