Jubilee 2000:

Bringing the World to Jesus

Web page authors

I ask that anyone who has any experience in creating web pages or who already has their own web site please volunteer to help me in several different ways:

1) I can pass on to you on a rotating basis the word processor testimonies of those unable to create their own pages. You can then convert them to an html document and forwards them to me for uploading.

2) I am going to have to redesign the table of contents page for the testimonies. I have uploaded a very preliminary page at: http://www.catholicprophecy.info/Catholic/testimonies.html.  My thoughts at this time are to list each testimony with the author's name, email address, age, and occupation on this table of contents page. The internet surfer can then scan through them and click on whichever he or she would like to read.

The reason I have decided to list this relatively personal info is as follows: We are doing this for the purpose of evangelization; that is to spread the Catholic faith. It is instinctive for most people, I believe, to try to find someone they can relate to either by age, sex, or occupation. By listing the email address we make it possible for the internet surfer with further questions to contact the individual who wrote the testimony for further questions or advice.

I know that some of you are MUCH more creative than I. Others are much more knowledgeable in terms of HTML authoring. I ask that you lend your talents to the creation of this table of contents page.

3) The template page is likewise open to imaginative redesign. The preliminary page is located at: http://www.catholicprophecy.info/Catholic/wz39.html.  The background now present is the same as on my home page (which I copied from the Vatican site). If you feel that a different background or any design changes would be better, let me know!

If you can help with this effort please email me at: [email protected]

All contributing web page authors will be prominently acknowledged on the site for your efforts.

My goal is to eventually list 153 individual Catholic testimonies.

(John 21:11) Simon Peter climbed aboard and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.

This should be a sufficient number to give any internet surfer several individuals to whom they can go for further guidance or advice. Certainly this number is not set in stone and if, in your opinions, it is too high we can revise it.

Pope John Paul II has worked tirelessly to carry the cross he has been given. He has asked for our help in evangelizing the world. Together we can do this!!!

God bless you!

Catholic Testimonies


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