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Mini Judgment Experience

As told to Attorney Kevin McCarthy

Guest speaker Attorney Kevin McCarthy, Indianapolis, IN, addressed a
Marian group at the Salesian House in Maynooth, Ireland.  In his talk he
described a profound experience of the mini judgment by his friend
Gary.  Gary (not his real name) is of the Anglican faith.

In his introduction Salesian Father Michael Ross explained the attitude of
the Church regarding the mini judgment.  The Church is very slow and
careful in its determination.  We are free to use our own discernment.

He quoted the following October 2, 1992, message of Our Lady to Father
Gobbi, which speaks of a mini judgment.  “Your liberation will coincide
with the termination of iniquity, with the complete liberation of all creation
from the slavery of sin and evil.  What will come to pass is something so
very great that it will exceed anything that has taken place since the
beginning of the world.  It will be like a judgment in miniature, and each
one will see his own life and all he has done, in the very light of God.”  The
speech given by Kevin McCarthy follows:

“I don’t know if what I am about to tell you was the mini judgment, but I’ll
let you decide for yourself.”

“This friend of mine, Gary became interested in the Rosary.  He attended
the Anglican Society of Mary.  The Society in the United States advocates
everything that Marian Catholics believe.  They pray the rosary, are
against artificial birth control, participate in Marian devotions, etc.  My first
reaction to Gary was, Why do you stay in the Anglican community?  He said,
“We ask ourselves the same question.”

It’s a great miracle that the Blessed Virgin has become the great star of this
nation.  Since the Second Vatican Council in the Catholic Church many priests
look upon the doctrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an impediment to
unification.  It has been my belief that Mary leads the way to unity in bringing
Protestants back to the feet of Jesus and to the chair of Peter.

An interesting thing about Gary’s experience is that he wanted to come to
Mass in the Catholic Church.  After I had gone to his Episcopalian service
one Sunday, he attended our Catholic Mass and went up and received
Communion.  Afterward I very gently explained to him the guidelines, that
since he was not a member of the Church, he should not receive
Communion.  I later told him that they were starting a Perpetual Adoration
Chapel at the parish of St. Louis de Montfort.  He could go there and
participate in the Eucharist as a Protestant by worshiping Jesus present
in the Sacrament even though he could not consume the Body of Christ.

“So he started to go to the Chapel.  About six months later he called me
and said, “I began to go there.  I don’t know why, but I feel I am called to
go on Saturdays.  I thought that was beautiful because Saturdays are
dedicated as a day of Our Lady.

“After about a year of worshiping the Eucharist at the Chapel, he called
me one day and said. “I need to go to confession to a Catholic priest.”  I told
him that under normal circumstances one had to be a member of the Church in
order to go to confession to a Catholic priest.  Then I asked him if Jesus was
calling him to become a Catholic.  He had said all along that he felt Jesus wanted
him to remain in the Anglican community long enough to bring other souls with
him when he became Catholic.

“Gary repeated, “I am not going to join the church, but I must go to
confession.”  Two days later I talked to him and said that we must get
together but that I was unable to do so that day.  The following day, a
Tuesday, I called again. His wife said, “He’s gone to St. Louis de Montfort
to the Eucharistic Chapel.”  I thought this was most unusual on a
workday.  I met Gary there and he said he was up all night and that he
had this call to go before the Eucharist.  Then he said, “I’ve had the
warning.”  I asked him what he meant by saying I’ve had the warning?  He
replied, “I’ve had the great purification as I prayed before the Eucharist, and I
need to go to confession very badly.”

We then talked about a priest I knew who would hear his confession at
the end of the week.  He was a priest who would be in town, and I felt he
would be understanding.

“The next time I saw Gary was Thursday.  He came to the door of my
office.  I saw he had been weeping.  This is a guy who was not

He played baseball in college and played golf on a regular basis.  He
never got excited about much of anything.  I had never seen him this
emotional.  He said, “We’re going to have to do something.  I need your
help.  I have to have this thing called absolution.  I just attended a meeting in
the largest boardroom in the city and every ten minutes I was crying.  “He
continued, “Look I am a miserable wreck.  I have seen my soul.  God has
shown me my soul as He sees it.  It was the worst experience I have ever had
in my life, but at the same time it was the greatest experience of Love I’ve
ever had.  I’m not worthy to even know God, but I love God so much that I
want to do this.”

“So I planned to make arrangements with a priest for the next day, but he
said, “No, no, no!  It’s got to be today.  I don’t deserve Purgatory until the
end of time.  The way it stands now, if I don’t get absolution, I will go to
Purgatory until the end of time.”

“I told him that I would cancel my appointments for the day and take him
to a priest.  But I asked him to tell me more about this experience.  He
explained, “It comes in three waves.  The first thing I began to see was every
instance in my life that I committed a serious sin since the time I was about 7 or 8
years old.  Very vividly I remembered all the people who were there, the room,
the scene, everything. It flashed before my eyes.”  I asked him if it was like a
vision.  He said, “No it was like a reawaking of a very vivid memory, switching
from each instance to the next.  That’s what Catholics call mortal sins.”  I asked
him how he knew that.  He answered, “Because part of the experience is
infused knowledge.  I was given a teaching on the Catholic Church-the one
true Church- the only true Church, that the other churches are mistaken.
But this Church has much evil in its structure right now.  Notwithstanding, it
is the only place that I can receive this thing called absolution other than
from a Greek priest – an Orthodox priest.”

“So, I said, tell me more about this.  He continued, “Well, I saw all the
deadly sins I committed.  Then it started all over again, and I saw all of
the intentional sins that are not deadly.  There were occasions where I
knew better than to say something bad about a person, but I was in a
group and people were making negative comments about a person and
putting someone down.  I just went ahead and joined the conversation.
Although I had a little twinge of conscience, I went ahead because
everyone else was doing it.  I saw every instance of that in my entire life.”

“Gary continued, “Now I will tell you the bad news and the good news.
The good news for you is that you will not get wave one and wave two.  You
go to Mass and communion every day and confession often. But you will get
wave three.”  I asked him, “What is wave three?”  He said, “I saw every time
that I went into a Catholic Church and did not genuflect and give
reverence in front of the tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament.  I
would rather experience anything than what I experienced in that
third wave, let alone the first two waves.  No one is going to be
prepared for this.”

“I finally got the car and asked him, do we really have to go today?”  Gary
said, “Look, I believe that if I don’t go and get this thing called absolution
from a Catholic priest today, that I will be dead tonight.”  I said, Gary,
you’re not going suicidal on me.  He replied, “Oh, absolutely not!  I
couldn’t do anything that is sinful.  I would have the most terrible pain in
my heart and the most terrible sense of offending the Love of God.   For
the last few days I couldn’t do anything wrong even if I wanted to.

“Well, that ‘s very interesting, I said, but what do you mean you will die
tonight.  He said, “Well I am going to die of a broken heart.  My heart is
breaking.  This is the greatest grief that you could ever imagine.  I don’t
know if my soul can stay in my body anymore.  It’s the greatest experience
of love.”

“So we went to the chapel. And I knelt in front of the tabernacle and
prayed.  I asked God, Please let this man make a perfect confession.  He
made a 1-1/2 hour confession, and he came back and is the most well balanced
happiest man I know.  He is now in the process of becoming Catholic.”

 “As a footnote, the next day one of the things I investigated as a lawyer in
regard to the laws of the Church, I looked up the Canon law.  I
questioned how a priest could give absolution to someone who is not a
member of the Catholic Church.  The rule says that a baptized non-catholic
may receive absolution from a priest if they are in danger of death, or they
may receive absolution for another grave reason as approved by the bishop.
Gary later told me that if he had not been baptized, all he would have needed was

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