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The Warning



Santa Maria, California, USA
March, 1998


The following are excerpts from messages received by Harriet
Hammons, who underwent the 'Warning' or 'Judgment In
Minature' experience in March, 1998, as a grace to give
information to other faithful what to expect.

Harriet relates: "After having prayed for months to see myself
as God The Father sees me, Jesus, through His Holy Spirit,
revealed to me the areas that needed healing and forgiveness.
This is not to conclude I will be exempt from the worldwide
Warning when it occurs. This was in answer to prayer for this
grace to be given me at this time, so I could be more thoroughly
prepared spiritually to help others when this time comes.

This enlightenment was over a period of a week. Jesus allowed
this with me because He said I would not have been able to
cope with all of it at one time and He wanted this to be used as
a teaching vehicle, as well for others to pray now for this grace
for themselves.

I can tell you this, it was TRAUMATIC to see and hear things
you thought had been taken care of and was not!

Jesus started with me on the first day, then the Holy Spirit took
over for the balance of the time

The Holy Spirit was most gentle with me, discussing each thing
so I would understand the gravity of it as God sees it. When I
was finished with this, I understood better why a soul has to be
in a completely pure, sanctified state to enter into the Presence
of God, to come into Heaven for its eternal reward. I also
understood after this why souls have been understood to enter
Purgatory voluntarily in light of their sins,--even very small
offenses against God.

From the below account, I hope that more of you will ask for
this grace NOW and experience this mercy of God's Love, in
order to be able to share with others and to know what you will
need to do when the worldwide Warning comes for everyone at
the same time."

-Harriet Hammons

All text below that is inside (parentheses) are comments by


        Jesus said: "My beloved, you are now starting to
experience a part of your Warning or what some are calling
their ‘mini-judgment.' Your soul is now before Me as you have
wished and prayed for it to be. The Holy Spirit, Our Holy Spirit,
will be guiding you through events of how the Father and I see
your soul, and have seen it throughout your lifetime.

You are about to understand how some of My children will not
be able to handle this in the light and magnitude of what is to be
shown them; the state of their souls as WE see and know them.

As the Holy Spirit unfolds to you how We see your soul, you
will have a glimpse as to why so many sols cannot come to join
Us immediately in Heaven, upon their departure from the
world, to be with Us for all Eternity, in complete love and bliss
and in Our Presence. There must not be the slightest stain of
any kind or nature of sin to impede your being in full
communion with the saints and angels ands with your spirit to
be one with Us, in Our Spirit for all Eternity.

No one can come to Us in Heaven unless they are truly  perfect
as My Heavenly Father is perfect. This is how you were created
and how He intended you, His children, to be, enabling you to
be in Him and see Him in His true and magnificent Majesty,
His True Presence.

My children, how We will welcome each of you with loving
and open arms, taking you into the abyss of Our Hearts, to
forgive willingly the offenses you yourselves have created and
have done to hurt the Heart of your God.

There is NO offense, NOTHING that will not be forgiven, if
you come in true contrition of heart and soul to Us, but, come,
please, and come NOW.

We love all of you so very much and want so much for that
love to be returned. Some do not believe this necessary because
as God, they feel We do not need anything. This is false! We
DO need you. You were created to know, love and serve your
Creator, your God. I came to earth to show you how this was to
be, by My serving you, by My Love for each of you, so much so
that I consented to die on a cross for each of you from the
beginning to the end of time.

You were created to RETURN the love We give and have for
you, to your God; to trust Him in all things and at all times.
You have been saved because of My suffering, death and
resurrection, and now you have access to the Heavenly
Kingdom because of My death and resurrection. I expiated,
suffered for all your sins, for all sin since Adam and Eve, until I
shall come again, to take all of you, My children, who wish
with Me into eternal joy and happiness.

The world has gone so far away from their God. Children, you
do not even know your God any more and the reason why you
were created. That is why, before I come again to Judge as a
Just God, My Father in His unfathomable Mercy will be giving
His children, His most loved ones, a chance to repent now and
come back to His loving embrace.

Take ADVANTAGE, My children, of this great act of Mercy
which is about to happen.  Continue to pray for this
enlightenment NOW.

Our Holy Spirit is working in many hearts and souls, showing
them how We see them and We are giving them the opportunity
of repentance now in order to be pure vessels which We can use
to help Our OTHER children, who will be in much need of
help, consolation and direction. This is all a guidance given to
each of you, through the Holy Spirit, and through the Heart of
the Immaculate Virgin Mary, your Mother.

Children, it will NOT be easy, but know I will be there. My
Mother is with you, as are your angels and saints. All will be
supporting you in this grave period of your lives, so you will
thoroughly prepared and ready to go forward in grace and in My
light, to help Us in the mission for souls.

My Peace, Love, and Heart I give you now. Come and hide
within My Wounds, the Wounds you see on the Crucified
Christ and there you will find comfort, Peace and Love. You
will know all is well.

I died for you. If you now do as I did, you will die for ME."
(meaning dying to self, and abandoning all to Him.)

"Come now into My embrace, into My Sacred and Merciful
Heart, to relieve any distress you may feel. I Love you. You are
Mine and I am yours. My Love and Mercy are unchangeable. It
is now, the NOW all have been waiting for, to come back to the
loving arms of he Father, in all obedience and humility,
showing your love by your repentance and true contrition of
heart, soul and mind. Then amend your lives.  Change! Be
another Me!

Strive to be in the state of grace always, fighting the
temptations to sin and the committing of the same faults again
and again. Stand up and fight Satan NOW, under the of
My Cross. You will win this battle if you stay focused on Me
completely in your life, to abide with you in Love and Peace.

Give Me your hearts, your souls, your wills. I cannot take them
unless you willingly give them,  NOW, to Me. When I have you
completely and We are truly One in the Spirit, miracles WILL
happen. Peace, love and happiness will live in each of you and I
will reign in all hearts, as was meant to be from the beginning
of time."

        Jesus then said to Harriet: "Go now, continue to pray
My precious one, as My Holy Spirit guides your soul through
its tribulation period. Once you have been shown the state of
your soul and each fault (sin) that must be forgiven, do not
dwell on it, have true contrition of heart and go as soon as you
can to confess it and then do what must be done for complete
forgiveness. Then come back to Me to see if there are any other
areas that need healing and forgiveness, until in the final
picture, you will see your sanctified and purified soul as We
see it. This will be worth all the suffering you will undergo."

 (I was given to understand this type of enlightenment was
meant for those that now ask the Holy Spirit for this grace and
it is received by them. There was no mention this is the type of
warning or enlightenment that will occur when THE Warning
occurs.  )

"My children, it is only My Precious Blood that will save you
and your WILL to be saved. When you pray, dear ones, ‘...take
all I am and have and do with me as You will....' It is then that I
Will you to be united with Me through this commitment of
yourself in special ways. These ways will unfold as I know will
be best for you, and when it is best for you. Keep in prayer with
Me through Mary Immaculate and completely united with her
and with your saints and angels, especially St. Joseph, My
beloved father while I was on earth, whom I love and who will
keep you safe as only a father can.

The battle rages dear ones, for souls. Keep brave and stout of
heart knowing the battle will be won by your God, your Savior,
your King, the love of your lives, your Jesus. I love and AM
Love, and nothing, no evil, can prevail against Me.

Hold tight to the hand of your Mother (Mary) as she guides you
through these storms, keeping your eyes always on Me. Say
always, ‘...Jesus..Jesus..Jesus...,' to comfort and give you peace.

Repeat My name always and in all circumstances, in order to
bring you back into My Peace and then pray, ‘Jesus, I Trust In

Keep in prayer, offering all to Me, in reparation for your sins
and the sins of all My children. Watch with Me, pray with Me,
suffer with Me, forgive as I forgive, and then love as I Love, so
you too, My children, will experience the Resurrection in each
of your lives.

I AM Mercy. I AM . me to Me, all you who are weak,
sinful and hurting, and I will give you what you need. It is there
for the asking. Take and see how sweet it truly can be.

My Mercy, My Love knows no bounds. Please honor Me in
special ways, at all times. I will not be outdone in generosity
for just one small act of love and mercy on your parts.

Come ALL you, My children, to the Fount of My Divine Mercy
and see what joy and love and happiness abounds there."

(Jesus also said to me, which I believe is for anyone who asks
now and receives the grace to see themselves as God sees them,
in order to become sanctified before the Warning, the
following: )

"During this period you will need more than ever to stay within
the refuge of Mary's Immaculate Heart, close to her, to Joseph,
with your guardian angels to help in keeping Satan away, who
will try every deceit he knows to take you from Me. With this
heavenly help, I desire you resist his temptations. Then the rest
will be up to you.

The Holy Spirit will pour into your soul His courage and
strength with the perseverance to be able to overcome all
obstacles put in your way. Do not submit to any of what
SEEMINGLY will be things from Me. Bring everything FIRST
to Me, and lay it at My Feet and within My Heart. Then you will
know what is and is not from Me."

(The following day, Jesus first spoke to my heart.)

        Jesus said: "Dear one, listen now to what Our Holy
Spirit will be directing you on enlightening your mind to the
sins on your soul."

(Here, I will not be sharing all He told me, as this was only for
my confessor. Much of what He told me I have taken out, but
will share with you my weaknesses, weak points, to endeavor to
give you a better idea of how gently this was handled with me.
There was no indication this is the way all individual
enlightenments would be handled.

I know of one who was shown sins, past and present, and could
not handle it, because of the enormity of what was shown.
There have been others I know of who have gone through this
and have had wonderful confessions, but with much pain at
seeing themselves as God sees them,--it IS painful! )

        The Holy Spirit said: "It is NOT yours to judge. You
must, with My grace, put a stop to this and not continue to
judge or criticize anyone.  You must NEVER criticize a priest.
This is most serious child. Being critical and judgmental goes
against the virtue of  Charity and leads you away from loving
unconditionally. It will lead you into sins of pride if you do not
work to overcome this.

We cannot abide in a soul who judges, for this right belongs
ONLY to God.  This sin in itself could keep a soul from
coming into its glory in Heaven! It would warrant a long stay in

(After a period of time, I went into prayer, in adoration, and
asked Jesus if He saw my sins in the Garden before His
Crucifixion. This was while I was meditating on the first
Sorrowful Mystery, asking Him if my sins added to His pain in
the Garden His answer was "YES."

At the Second Sorrowful Mystery I was given to understand
that with every sin committed, I denied Jesus as Peter did, only
worse, because my denial of Him continues at times, and
sometimes MANY times after I have been forgiven. He said I
sometimes have the habit of going back to the same sin again
and again, not resisting it as I should. I took this to mean that
this could be any who sins over and over, in the same
circumstance. Jesus before also gave me to understand that sin
today adds to His pain in unendurable agony. )

        The holy Spirit said: "Child, as I told you yesterday,
judging is a sin. This comes from resentments. You must also
ask the person harmed for forgiveness for resentful and hateful
deeds and seek their forgiveness. As We forgive, so should you
anyone who has judged you in some way.

When someone judges you or shows resentments towards you,
accept it in humility and offer it with Jesus' suffering on the
Cross. Pride is the stem of anger, judging, resentfulness. Sins of
this nature must be confessed and atoned for."

(The Holy Spirit impressed on me the importance of
forgiveness, for others, others to you and forgiving yourself.
He also impressed me with the importance of some things that
happen to us, unpleasant as they may be, in the attitude of
humility and forgiveness. When we don t, we allow our egos to
play on us. We become critical and controlling and often times
manipulative, Hurtful, judgmental, critical thoughts are as bad.)

"Child, it is no-one's place to judge, except God's. What one
should do in cases of this kind of sin is to immediately go into
silent prayer, calling on Me for help, then let the judging up to
God, Who knows hearts and motivations."

        The Holy Spirit continued: "Selfishness and being
self-centered are causes of anger and demanding too much of
others and of yourself. These feed on one's ego."

 (Here, the Holy Spirit showed me how selfishness and being
self-centered in times of my life led to some serious sins.)

"My child, We know your weaknesses, your vulnerability, your
sinfulness, but so does Satan. More than ever he will try to
deceive you, to convince you of the opposite of what We are
telling you. You are to be close to Us at every moment from
now on, as We will be there for you, providing the necessary
grace you will need to do battle against the Evil One. As time
grows shorter, he will step up his efforts of deceit. Beware and
be AWARE! You are being warned and given the grace now to
withstand the storms that lie ahead.

You must CONTINUALLY pray for humility and obedience to
conquer the evil head of self that would like to control you.
Your will is Ours (if one gives it to Him) and My Will dwells
with you. Never, please, put obstacles in the way of this, to bar
Us from your soul, your heart and your mind.

You need to continually pray for the virtue of  Charity.
Through prayer and your will to conquer all that goes against
charity, you will be able to overcome being judgmental,
critical, gossiping against others, blaming others and rectifying
yourself in your own eyes. You will conquer envy and
resentments with the grace of  Charity. You will become meek
and humble of heart, as Jesus and Mary are teaching. Follow
Their examples of this, as well as your great Saints.  With
Charity, you will learn prudence. Your righteousness will now
turn to be a holy righteousness in Our army of souls doing
battle in these End Times.

It is good to constantly pray for an increase of  Faith, especially
the  Wisdom of Faith. Then wisdom and understanding will
come. So, too, will much perseverance on your part prevail.

Always work hard on obtaining the grace of patience and
discernment. Continue on this quest, as much Peace is given a
soul who has patience and discernment.

Come to Me, the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, always
and immediately, when temptation arises. And temptations
WILL arise.

I dwell in all hearts and souls who wish My Light and the grace
of My gifts, which I want to give in much abundance. My gifts
and the virtues, the fruits which come from them, are a treasure
of unparalleled worth and value. There's nothing that should be
uppermost in a person's mind than to strive for these gifts
which I will give when you will need them. I know when it is
time and when a soul is ready t receive a grace, a gift, and it is
there for the asking. Unless you ask, it goes unused within you.
You are to continue unceasingly to pray for grace, sanctifying

I am Strength and Courage, and want to give this to you, to help
you in your walk to holiness. Once a heart, a soul, has given
itself to Me to help, to guide, to direct, to counsel, to do as We,
the Triune Godhead Wills for it, there is nothing that the soul
then cannot attain in the realm of the Kingdom, here and later
on in Heaven, united for all Eternity as one with Us, with all
the Angels and all the Saints who have gone before you.

Come then, and drink from the water of salvation, in
Reconciliation, for the salvation of your soul and the salvation
of the souls We give to you to help Us with.

You need to let all know it is because of Our great Love for all
souls, Our children everywhere, We are going to give this grace
of knowing yourselves as We know you and then giving each of
you the opportunity of repentance, of coming back into the
Father's loving arms. This is a grace, a gift of Mercy, His Love,
as He shows you what could be in His Justice if there is no
contrition, no repentance.

It would be well if more were to see Me NOW, to enlighten
their consciences to the condition of their souls, before the
Warning, which will come very soon. This is a great gift
(having the illumination individually-personally in advance of
the actual Warning) and one which is to be used and SHARED
WITH OTHERS and now lived out in its entire completion and
in he fullness of time."

        A few days later,  Jesus said: "My child, so many times
you have questioned Me. This is part of selfishness and looking
to self instead of Me. This must never be between you and I. I
carried My Cross laden with sins, your sins included. Put all
sins there (on the Cross) and leave them there. Die to self, that
self-centered ego, that pride. Do this every day, then you will
see Me in your whole being and others will see My Light more
clearly shining through you.

OBEDIENCE and HUMILITY is what I seek to see in My
children. It is then a complete trust will develop between Us,
you and Me. There then will be love, an undying, unconditional
love, for Me, for others and for yourself."

(I then asked Jesus about the statement above, my questioning
Him..I asked Him, "How?")

        Jesus responded: "Dear one, you question Me through
your lack of TRUST in My Words; My asking of you things that
I knew was best for you and you either questioned or had
doubts. It is good to know that you have improved in this, as
you have no idea how much it hurt My Heart. Oh child, I love
you and want you to know that I am pleased with the progress
you have made through the months and years. Our Father in
Heaven is especially pleased that you now trust and depend on
Him through Me, for everything. We thank you for abandoning
your will to Us and accepting Our Will in all you now do.

Something few of Our children realize is how much they hurt
and offend Us by mistrust and the effect of this lack of trust on
your part, has on Us. We LOVE you. I know what you are
going through now and My love is being poured into your soul
and your heart is being healed."

(I left most of this the way it was given because I felt it a good
lesson for all of us to know how we, even  when we think
something is ‘minor,' affect the Heart of Jesus.)

"Thank you child, for your love, your trust, your faith in
accepting to undergo this illumination period of yourself. What
joy you will experience as you receive My absolution, My
complete forgiveness, through My holy priest, My children
should know of this experience you have just had in order for
them to decide of their free will, as you did, to come to Me
NOW, for this cleansing of souls, giving a freedom like they
have never known. My Peace is now with you."

(Jesus did indicate to me it was His hope that more of His
children would exercise the gift of free will, to unite their wills
to His Will, giving all to Him. He said His teachings and
lessons are based on the great Commandment of Love, and are
important, so much so, that we will never be able to
comprehend this. He said He wants to bring His Love, His very
Life here to Earth, so we can discover the Kingdom.
Unfortunately some will be taking the wrong path. He did say
all is not lost, as with prayer, sacrifice, fasting and united with
Him can conquer so much and achieve the impossible.

"The battle is won," He said, and the victory assured, but the
fight is still in progress and heightens for souls. The outcome
depends on all of us. He needs us. He depends on us to help in
this important and final mission of defeating evil with good. He
then said, "When evil has been conquered and good surrounds
us, know that the Reign of My Sacred Heart along with the
Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart will be complete."

Jesus also reminded me, "My love reigns in suffering, It
triumphs in humility and It rejoices in unity.")

(The following was given on the last day of my enlightenment,
which was the feast of St. Joseph:)

        St. Joseph said: "My beloved, little child, you are very
near to my heart now and ever so dear, my little one. Thank you
for honoring me as you have today by your prayers and your
holy thoughts of me.

My little Jesus, as you see Him in my arms, (there was a statue
in the chapel of Joseph and Jesus) is and will always be a
precious treasure, a treasure of untold wealth. How I
CHERISHED Him and Mary ,His Mother, my Mary, as we
together watched Him grow and mature before our eyes. He
grew spiritually to depths that no one could comprehend, yet
He, at the same time, showered us, through His Father in
Heaven, with much grace to be able to understand the steps that
this Holy Son of ours was taking in His walk; His walk from
that tiny crib in Bethlehem to the walk of Calvary that He was
to take some years later.

This walk of His, of My Mary's, I watched even though I no
longer was physically on earth with them. I prayed and cried
silently because of Their PAIN. In all of this, I gave thanks too,
to our Father in Heaven, knowing that if it had not been for
Jesus, all of us would not have been able to enter into our
eternal reward. Our salvation was won and the gates of Heaven
were opened to us. It was bought by His Most Precious Blood.

So child, whenever pain or suffering comes into your life, do
not be despondent or angry, or questioning. No, ALWAYS give
praise and thanksgiving to Him, Who knew pain and suffering
as no one has ever known before or will again.

Unite all with Him for the salvation of souls. Be a co-redeemer
with Him, with all of us who are unceasingly praying for souls.
This is a great grace and privilege that the Father allows when
one suffers for souls, in communion with the pain of His Son
and His death on the Cross of Calvary. You then are united, as
well, with Mary's Heart, so broken and torn, as she silently
stood at the foot of His Cross and watched this precious child
of hers, of ours, draw His last breath, in such agony and
distress. She knew this had to be, as she had united herself
completely with Jesus in that Sacrifice.

So child, pray to always be given the grace to be able to stand at
the foot of His Cross with Mary and pledge your undying love
for Him, doing as He Wills in you at all time.

Being united fully with Jesus and Mary is a gift of great value.
Use it wisely and always return love for Love. I am here for
you, little one, always, praying and protecting. You are most
pleasing to the Triune God. Continue to walk in His Light and
stay within the refuge of Mary's Immaculate Heart. I, too, will
be holding your hand.

I love you and bless you this day, little one of My fatherly heart.

I am your father, Joseph."

(End of text)

Before the readers of the above start e-mailing questions,
please read the generic questions asked of and answered by
Harriet, below, to see if they answer what you have in mind,
first. -J. Hunt


HH:  Not to my knowledge. is my understanding once a
sin is forgiven and absolution given and received, THAT'S IT!


HH:  Going to Confession is the way Christ wants it. He
instituted the Sacrament and I am sure even He would not
usurp what He has given to His priests. Doesn't the priest sit in
the stead (the visible presence so to speak of Christ) of Christ,
Who is of course, the ultimate High Priest?

I am of the opinion, if we did not have a priest at all (worst
scenario) that YES, He would accept our contrition and
absolve us (forgive) directly.

It is my understanding that He is Sacramentally and truly
present in Confession (through the power He has bestowed on
His priest). In talking with me, He is present to me in different
way..perhaps I would not term our conversations as
Sacramental. He is guiding me (so to speak) or was in this
Enlightenment, through the Holy Spirit, showing me perhaps
what could be termed a "good general confession."


HH:  I have no idea. I am not a non-Catholic. I have never felt
Confession to be a penalty, but the contrary, a decided grace.
Re. non-Catholics and no Confession, I am sure God has this
all worked out and the answer for it and for them.


HH:  I have no idea. Again, I am sure, as they too are His
children, they will be taken care of. Everyone is in His capable
Hands and He has the correct answers for everyone and

ONLY A FEW ELITE OF HUMANITY (Catholics with access
to a priest in Confession, a very small percentage of the world

HH:  I have never given this a thought.

#1, I never have thought or felt being of an elite group.

#2, I do not know how correct or incorrect this perception is,
but again, I am sure the Father of us all knows how a complete
cleansing is going to take place for those who have never heard
of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or for those who haven't,
perhaps, heard of Him, God.(as we perceive Him to be).

I am sure He will do what He does best in the handling of each
of us and each situation...He will "BE GOD!"

(End of Q&A)



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Rosary by you in union with other Faithful Remnant will help
save many souls and reduce our tribulations.  -Harriet


Harriet Hammons, and her husband Al, are retired and reside in
California and have since 1996. Prior to this they lived in
Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii. Harriet and Al are active
Catholics and belong to Mission San Antonio de Pala Catholic
Church on he Pala Indian Reservation in Pala, California. She
helps in the catechism program for the Mission children and
adults. The Hammons' have two adult sons.

Harriet refers to her locutions as "conversations" with Jesus
and Mary (and sometimes with the saints). She is not a
visionary. Her locutions started in 1988 and continue to present
time. She has a spiritual advisor in her area. With Carol
Ameche she has co-authored a book titled, "DO WHATEVER
LOVE REQUIRES" as well as its supplement. These books are
available both in English and Spanish, and can be obtained

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