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By Stephen Rinehart

Jesus actually called his Father “Abba Abi” in Aramaic which the early Hebraic writers interpreted as a term of endearment meaning “My Father”. It is recorded thirty-nine times in Aramaic Scripture that Jesus used “Abba Abi” and not just Abba. Abba was only used three times by Jesus for calling upon His Father and would have been a more formal terminology. The word “abi” (pronounced ab-vee) was far more commonly used in Jesus time (among Jewish men) for the “father of the house or the foundation or support (of the Jewish family)” rather than the term “abba”.

Since the early writers about Jesus life were Jewish men, they would have interpreted “abba” to mean Father but “abba” is derived from the root word “ab” and can be interpreted as “(filial) love”. In this context, when Jesus uses the term “Abba Abi” for the First Person of The Most Holy Trinity - it is quite profound. Jesus is saying “the Pure Love (ab) I have for My Creator (abi) is the Pure Love (ba) My Creator (abi) has for Me!”. Jesus is specifically referring to The Most Holy Trinity when He uses the term “Abba Abi”.

The union (fusion) of this Love (Reflected) between the First and Second Persons of The Most Holy Trinity is The Holy Spirit (Third Person). Jesus’ DNA would be that of his mother (Blessed Virgin Mary) since Jesus’ Father is the Holy Spirit. It is only thru the creation of “woman” that the Creator’s Love can continue in the Universe. The creation of “woman” brought both the existence of Pure Love (Blessed Mother) and the existence of Pure Hate (satan). When Jesus says He saw “satan fall like lightening from the sky” that was the exact moment when satan (and all the fallen angels) lost all real knowledge of Pure Love of the Creator and it became the biggest vulnerability in the Universe for satan (who only understand Pure Hate) because Pure Love eternally has the Power over Pure Hate.

Jesus human nature (y-chromosome) was in some mystical sense connected with (His separate and distinct) divine nature thru the Holy Spirit in which the Holy Spirit served as the “communications/transference link” to The Creator from Jesus human nature. It had to be just so for all the sins of mankind to be forgiven (Jesus human nature dies on the Cross for the sins of all mankind and the “forgiveness is transferred to the Holy Spirit” to present to The Creator in “groanings” only The Trinity can understand) and the Holy Spirit rises to the Creator (when Jesus says “Father into Your Hands I commend My Spirit” – Jesus is referring to the return of The Holy Spirit to the Creator with the Perfect Sacrifice of The Lamb). Absolution of all men’s sins by The Creator possibly occurs at the exact time when the lance pierces Jesus’ side (Heart) releasing the Creator’s absolution onto the world. (I have been told the Greek Orthodox Church believes that the Cross of Jesus stood over Adam’s gravesite so that as the Jesus’ Blood and Water fell to the ground it covered (in a literal sense) all of humanity). The Holy Spirit was with Jesus until his death. This relationship (fusion) between Jesus and Holy Spirit (for The Son of Man to come to earth with a human nature) had to exist by the very nature of The Most Holy Trinity. This is why after His Death Jesus told His disciples that He must return to “The Father” so The Father could send The Holy Spirit (who is the fusion of the Love of The First and Second Persons (being in some mystical sense together)). The Holy Spirit is therefore the “Vessel of Pure Love” given to mankind by The Creator.

To completely reject the Creator is to completely reject Pure Love. Thus, if you reject The Creator the only alternative is live eternally in Pure Hate. There are no other choices or existences. Choose Life Eternally!

Remarks: About a decade ago when I had a near death experience (NDE) from a massive loss of blood (after going home from an operation). After passing out on the way to ICU, I believe I went thru a “tunnel” to the very edge of eternity. I was enveloped with waves (or rings) of pure love which penetrated to my very heart in reaching the other “end of the tunnel”. I very clearly saw the origin of the “Waves of Pure Joy” was from a “series of concentric (pure) lights” which came and stopped in front of me (in a human sense). At that instant, I knew I was standing before the Creator of The Universe at the Edge of Eternity. I simply said: “Please forgive me for ever having offended you and please may I be with you now for all eternity”. The Creator continued to exist before me but I could not “go into the Lights” but I wanted to go into the Lights.

A voice said (like you are having a normal room conversation) to me: “You are not going to die. I wish (desire) you to go back with your loved ones and pray for all the others especially all the poor souls in Purgatory”. At that moment, I went back thru some kind of “tunnel” and awoke all of a sudden in ICU with all kinds of instrumentation attached to me and I my arm hurt as I was already on my fourth blood transfusion. I believe at least seven (or twenty seven?) hours had passed since the last thing I remember before passing out was a nurse saying “his blood pressure is 60 over 30 and dropping fast”. When I awoke in ICU, I kept asking myself “What just happened – was I really speaking with the Creator of the Universe and My God?” Is all this for real?

I received seven whole blood transfusions in the next 48 hours and the doctor’s estimate I may have reabsorbed another pint and probably generated two or three new pints. There is no known medical explanation how someone can hemorrhage nine pints of blood and live. Several weeks after getting out of the Hospital, Dr Richard Hubbell emailed and he was thinking of starting a website ( and calling it the “Purgatory Project”. To date, over 539 million names have been registered at a great personal sacrifice to Dr Hubbell for establishing and maintaining the website – so you be the judge as to whether I really talked with the Creator of The Universe and received His Help. Please pass this email onto your friends so they can register more souls for this project (living or dead) as now is the time for much prayer as never before and help me with a call to prayer for all those in Purgatory (if everyone would just say one Hail Mary a day for those in Purgatory).

My old Catholic Principal (now Bishop W. R. Houck (ret)) wrote in Feb 2007:

“May every day for Christians be a renewed experience in the love of Christ, a love we must regive to our neighbor each day, especially the one who suffers the most and is in the most need.”

I believe I was given the insights on The Most Holy Trinity regarding “Pure Love” at this Time because the Creator wishes everyone to know that “Abba Abi” is reflected in all of us as Christians who love. The message is as old as the Universe itself and will be forever new in all of us.

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