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The Desert Fathers: sayings of the Early Christian Monks

The desert fathers provided the inspiration for Christian spirituality throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. The men and women who first embraced the life of solitude in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine and Syria were seldom clerics or scholars. Yet these uneducated peasants, shepherds, itinerant traders, former slaves and prostitutes soon attracted so many followers ... century onwards, along with biographies and full-length treatises, their reflections were brought together and widely circulated. Powerful and moving en ... directly influenced the Rule of Sict, and set the pattern for Western monasticism.

This Penguin Classics edition makes freshly accessible the most influential Latin collection of Sayings. The new translations follow the original Latin organization around themes important to the monks, such as Charity, Fortitude, Lust, Patience, Prayer, Self-control and Visions.

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